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Countries that Begin with Z


Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa. The name is derived from the Zambezi River. Since 2004, Zambia's economy has grown by 5.2 percent every year. Above all, the export of copper is increasing thanks to high investments. In comparison with the neighboring African countries, the human rights situation in Zambia is rated quite positively.

  • Continent: Africa
  • Languages: English, Bemba
  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Currency: Kwacha (ZMW)


Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa. Since hyperinflation, the former local currency - the Zimbabwe dollar - is no longer permitted as a means of payment. Instead, US dollars, South African rand, euros and Botswana pula are used to pay. The Chinese renminbi is also due to be introduced soon.

  • Continent: Africa
  • Languages: English, Shona, isiNdebele
  • Capital: Harare
  • Currency: Kwacha (ZMW) Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved