5 Damage of the Cigarette to Your Beauty

Smoking cigarettes can have devastating effects on your appearance, get to know the main of them

Everyone knows that the cigarette is causing several problems for the body and compromises health. But in addition to the diseases, the damage caused by smoking can also be perceived externally.

5 Damage of the Cigarette to Your Beauty 1

The chemicals and toxic to the composition of the cigarette and the smoke smell unpleasant and also affect the appearance of the smoker. Get ready to meet some of the damage from cigarettes to the beauty and think about the addiction.

1 – Wrinkles on the face

With the consumption of the cigarette, the skin suffers numerous assaults. Nicotine triggers the destruction of collagen and elastin, there arise the signs of sagging and deeper wrinkles that give the appearance of the face aging.

A simple puff or contract the various muscles of the mouth and with the repetition of this movement, the region will lose its strength and elasticity, because of this arise wrinkles around the lips.

The addiction of the cigarette also makes the crow’s feet around the eyes to appear early. This happens because of the heat of the burning cigarette and the chemicals from the tobacco, the main responsible for internal damage in the structures of the skin and blood vessels around the eyes.

5 Damage of the Cigarette to Your Beauty 2

2 – Smile yellow and bad breath

In addition to the emergence of wrinkles around the lips, the cigarette causes other havoc in the mouth, such as bad breath and teeth yellowing. Nicotine affects the tissues that protect and support the teeth and the tar (the substance of the cigarette) let your smile yellow.

Those who smoke tend to have bad breath persistent and can cause problems in the gums, loss of teeth with more ease and even more serious diseases such as cancer.

3 – Spots on the skin and on the fingers

Nicotine has a similar effect to exposure to the sun without protection, which destroys the collagen fibers and elastin, accelerating the aging process. Another problem is that cigarette smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and various nutrients, so that some parts of the body may exhibit staining irregular. The dark spots can appear all over the face, mainly in the region of the eyes in the form of dark circles.

In addition to the patches on the skin, the fingers and nails appear a yellow color for the simple fact of holding a cigarette between the fingers. The substance responsible for this is the tar.

5 Damage of the Cigarette to Your Beauty 3

4 – damaged Hair

The smoke is one of the main causes of hair loss. The wires fall out because the nicotine lodges in the walls of veins, decreasing blood circulation, and preventing important nutrients that keeps the hair healthy and beautiful, reaching up to the root. The problem can be intense, with the sharp decline of the wires, and even signs of baldness.

The temperature of the cigarette also contributes to the premature aging of the wires, it leaves the hair looking dull and dry, it can cause scaling on the scalp and the appearance of split ends. Smoking also accelerates the loss of melanin from the wires, so the white hairs appear earlier.

The bad smell of nicotine is damaging to the hair, since it remains on the wires for quite some time, and many times, the hair products are not able to remove all the odour of the smoke in the bath time.

5 – Sagging in the body

The cigarette not only damages the appearance of your face, as well as the rest of your body. According to research, the regions of the body that suffer the most are the arms and the breasts, which are usually attacked by sagging.