Zara Young: More Color for The Month of March Lookbook

By: camillebrion

Definitely you don’t have to wait for March 21 to declare officially opened the spring. Fashion has already ruled it as well and that is how it should be. The colors are becoming more and more frequent and chunky knit garments give way to the more fine point, linen, cotton and lycra that tries to sneak with offenders and innovative designs in the cabinets of most preterm infants. And Zara could not pass an opportunity as well, less still in one of their lookbook most requested: Zara Young lookbook, in particular that of the month of March.

Although we saw glimpses of what we should expect now in February, the fact is that they have not gone the predictions as we had hoped. A collection of very young and casual, with a style halfway between the urban and the sport but perhaps with clothes and outfits too torn and muted colors. We expected one more cakes and the electrical explosion and the result was a collection that oozes some whiff of vintage in all your clothes. And we like that, if Mr.

The Skinny pants colors are one of the big bets of the firm to build her outfits. Shirts with peach tones contrast under neutral backgrounds as t-shirts 3/4 sleeve that end up giving a sahara style to the set with the botal vintage style commonly known as African (combined with the Saharan jackets).

The Green are also turned off and the same that in the above, is commitment to combine them with clothing style old denim (as the retro collections of Pepe Jeans or Levi ’ s) to finish decorating the set with a clogs moccasins. Shortage of accessories and tend to the contrast of shapes and cuts: tight pants and loose fitting shirts.

Ditto with the reds. Total absence of prints and oversized in earthy tones jerseys that it contrasted with red pants without being excessive. Leave the limelight to the colour palette and the differences between cuts, but are usually preferred styles plain that homogenized whole.

I say usually because both in the aesthetic rockabilly It is present in the collection (t-shirt with jeans in black and English shoes)…

… as in the sport version (sweater closed without zipper and hooded to set the CAP with stretch cotton pants) is preferred to give some vitality to the set with small prints but not be too excessive.

Even the navy style (one of the large partisan bets this season) has no place in the collection: how could it be otherwise, striped sailor shirts, sweatshirt white laces in dark blue color and the contrast of the hand of beige to finish with some pants Blücher in the same tone as the Sweatshirt.

Simple, casual and fashionable with possibilities of change, thanks to the outerwear that has shades of blue as their coats, jackets, blazers or trenches. Variety and possibility to combine are without doubt two of their strongest points for this season Spring-summer 2011 Zara.

Finally, if we are to acquire a more elegant style without losing informality, will make us with some of their multiple blazers, jackets remalladas open coolie as the figure (again is committed by the denim to take advantage and boots, this time refrain, to get that vintage touch) or some of their American.

The materials are quite varied, and can be from plush to point to combine with shirts of cotton or linen, English shoes with toe brushing and its plug-ins collection composed of bow ties, ties and hats, borsalinos. It is not a particularly revealing collection but we can take advantage of some parts certainly.


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