YouTube Turns Real Application on Windows Phone

One of the biggest disappointments of any user of Windows Phone is the application YouTube. As the situation between Google and Microsoft is not good enough that the search giant makes available its apps for the platform, Microsoft had placed in the Windows Phone Store an application that was nothing more than a shortcut to the YouTube mobile site. But finally reaches the store a real application for YouTube, developed by Microsoft, which joins alternatives like Metrotube.

While Google refuses to develop for the platform, Microsoft was responsible for creating the application, which includes the Metro interface and nothing more: search, login to your account to handle their applications and access to their lists, including tanning videos. You can not, however, to upload your videos to YouTube, something very annoying, since you must download the video on a computer to accomplish this task that certainly could be done with a few taps on your smartphone screen.

But wait there that this application will still give headache: the description states the possibility to minimize the application and continue listening to the video content. A very interesting, but forbidden resource. According to the terms of the YouTube API service, described an application is prohibited to separate, isolate or modify audio and video components of any audiovisual content available on the service. In own YouTube apps for other platforms it is impossible to reproduce the audio in the background.

Who has Windows Phone 7 will be sucking her thumb and waiting for an update to the application, promised for a few weeks here. But if you are a lucky owner of a Windows Phone 8, you can update now or download the application from Windows Phone Store .No more lugging more mobile version of the site to show kittens videos to your friends.

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