You Know What is the Best Dress for You?

The dress is a basic sets very practical and versatile. And with the heat it feels so good to change my pants for skirts and more fluid. Discover how you can highlight your strengths with this part so feminine.

You know what is the best model for your body type? Hourglass, rectangular, triangular, oval or PEAR are the different biotopes, which may get to know in this article. See what format to dress more values and don’t forget to customize your coordinated with accessories.

Hourglass body: Prefer straked dresses

Bet on more dresses and highlighting the adjusted your waist, so as to enhance your hourglass shape. Invest in and straked tube models. The shoes nude (skin color) contribute to lengthen the legs and v-necks help slim the silhouette according to Stunnerdresses.Com.

Column body or rectangle: look for dresses that create curves

Is a type of body very usual among the models, however as it has few ways to create the feeling of curves, both through standards such as cuttings, which increase the difference between the waist and the hips. Details on the chest or hips, like ruffles, draping or pockets, or horizontal stripes are good bets. In addition, to accentuate the waist use belts with evasé or pleated skirts. Envelope templates (through) or Trapeze are also suitable for those who have a body type column.

Triangular body: Invite in volumes at the bottom

If you have wider shoulders than hips, then bet on models with volume or details at the bottom, as in evasé skirts, Ruffles, pockets and drapery, in order to balance the silhouette. The models dress-shirt, Trapeze or tube (with details below) are the most suitable. In this case, avoid dresses with cleavage to the boat or falls-falls by increasing the shoulder zone.

Oval body: the secret is to disguise the problem areas and enhance the strengths

If it’s more chubby, bet on cuts and details, which heads up the most critical areas of the body, such as stomach and the hips. The sleeves also help hide the flabbiness of the arms. Envelope templates are good to hide the belly; the skirts in evasé are ideal not to mark both the hips; and the v-neck helps elongate the silhouette. For example, the detail on the chest area helps to draw attention to the upper part of the body and use the 3/4 these sleeves ending in the finest area of the body (waist), creating the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. If you have a lot of chest, avoid the necklines too pronounced or details with volume, as the frills or necklaces. On the other hand, enjoy to display your legs, if this is a strong point. The Spanx is essential to disguise the sagging, fat or cellulite, so it is a good investment, too.

Pear body: Highlight your shoulders and cover the hips

If your hips are larger than your shoulders, then try to balance the silhouette with volumes, details and lighter colors on top of the body, as well as necklines that call attention to this area. The horizontal stripes can also help to create this effect. Enjoy even to highlight the waist and use structured skirts that heads up the volume around the hips. Model dresses Empire and secured with skirt in evasé are ideal for your body type.