Wrist Watch Pattern Portable Battery

The wrist watch pattern portable battery will be worn as a bracelet and can be connected to the Smartphone using the mini-USB port.

As soon as it is plugged in once, its battery is recharged by the 1500 mAh battery in the bracelet. Through the numerous adapters, various mobile brands and also a Nintendo DS can be loaded easily.

Wrist watch pattern portable battery: long name and great effect!

Conveniently On The Way To Charge Devices

Leave the House without a Smartphone? Unthinkable for most. A real nightmare scenario is also the idea that the battery of the beloved Smartphone is empty. Many solutions were already offered by various developers, by the”Kreditkartenakku” up to the bicycle Dynamo that charges mobile phones. The wrist watch pattern portable battery is probably one of the absolute most comfortable solutions. Worn as a bracelet, it donates everywhere to get thenecessary energy to the Smartphone in life.

Suitable For Almost Every Mobile Phone

Many of the commonly used mobile phones can be loaded through the many adapter supplied. An LED indicator on the band displays how full the battery is still. This is times empty, she must be at home simply reloaded . They dispense with this little helpers on the cold sweat on the subway when the “battery weak” character on her phone lights up!