With These Tips, It Protects His Joints While Hiking

This is a guest post the Cologne ORTHOPARC hospital, which is specialized in the field of orthopedics.

With These Tips, It Protects His Joints While Hiking

When the days are back-friendly, lures the nature for hiking in the meadows, fields and forests. The movement in the fresh air can breathe a sigh of body and spirit and has a positive effect on the circulation and metabolism. Hiking is a very healthy activity, but you should consider a few things to prevent congestion and damage to the joints.


The measures for a joint-gentle hiking can be divided into three groups according to ANDYOUTDOOR.COM: the behavior, the equipment, and finally the food. Like every other sports an abrupt increase in the burden affects also the hiking unfavorably. Therefore the hiking season in no case should start with a forced March. It is advisable to get the condition through a suitable balance sport outside the walking time. Then also the joints at the start of the hiking season are already fit. For all those who feel previously mild pain worth a check with an orthopedist. Specialists such as in the ORTHOPARC clinic in Cologne, analyze the physical being and give Tips on the proper running technique, behavior is another point in the category. While walking on level ground is especially pay attention to rolling off the soles of the feet. In the terrain the running technique depends on the direction in relation to the slope and it is supported by suitable equipment.


When hiking, you should prefer always the softer floors, avoid extreme gradients, and adjust the pace of the individual condition. If it will run on a slope along, put on the feet with the edge. Walking shoes with higher shaft, just give the ankle help here. You can prevent a particularly malicious spraining. Downhill the knee walk heavily burdened. This burden can be reduced by a slow procedure, but also with suitable hiking poles . As a part of the burden is caught with the poor. Longer distances with backpack, you should pay attention to a favorable weight distribution. This is important in the selection of the backpack. Heavy items should be stowed as far as possible, that is a problem but just at the water bottle because it is most needed. It is therefore advisable to find a backpack with side pockets for the bottles.


Not only the movement, but also the engagement is important for the joint-gentle hiking. Even if you don’t notice the sweat, you consume water. Here, a slight Apple Juice is recommended. Fruit and whole grain bread are also in the backpack. Gluten sensitivity are, suffering from a wheat allergy or similar, a cold farmer’s breakfast is a good alternative to bread.

With an appropriate equipment, the proper running technique and a healthy diet you must not worry around the joints when hiking. As long as an overload is avoided, to do something good for maintaining mobility and health with the joint-friendly hiking.

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