Winter Beach in Pb

Every weekend I spend in Rio is the same thing, and it seems that the city is even more beautiful just to make me more sad to have to leave.Is to assume that, when the weekend is a holiday weekend, Sunday is less painful. But it’s not. The truth is to stay four days in Rio is better than two, but it’s far from enough for catching up. Even more when the holiday’s being those of deliciosidade.

And it was really yummy. First because it was my mom’s birthday and the whole family gathered in Rio to celebrate. Second because the holiday started with a lot of rain (which made us enjoy relax and enough), but the weather was improving each day. Last but not least, because the city is a cauldron of crazy people from everywhere in the world. All proudly displaying the colors of their respective countries.

Behold, on Saturday, we went to lunch there at the helm and, upon leaving the lunch, right there in front of the beach, had a concentration of people of German fans to see Germany X Ghana. Quickly discovered that it was the twisted German kiosk, organized by the Consulate of Germany. The deal was so excited that we decided to join the party and watch the game there and we can only stop to photograph on a break. Lucky for us that the evening was beautiful and the perfect setting.

Luckily, my look was very neutral and wouldn’t let me clear preference for either side of the match (imagine if it was all green in the middle of the German crowd? I don’t think you’d get well).

As I had lunch with the family, chose a basic look, charming and well-behaved: short high waist black and white t-shirt and, to give an extra charm, my favourite Aryan necklace.

The wallet, I confess that it was a mistake. Despite being cute on the look, she was nothing practice throughout the day when I was there yelling at the game. But, for the purposes of pictures, found the wallet very charismatic striped.

If the wallet was error, same sandal black with details of fingers and ankle chains was hit via Short and super comfortable, she surrendered all day (even in the middle of the sand) without getting dirty little boy face and without hurting your feet.

The day was so delicious that ended up yielding this bunch of pictures. So, just to close the look, there’s my favorite for the holidays. booming make Blush Pink, Brown and happy face. Well happy.

Good week to sleep over and everyone sending good energy to the game tomorrow.