Windows Phone is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Rising Sales of the Windows Phone

Samsung is the market leader in the Smartphone market clearly, at a great distance, competitor Apple follows and then nothing comes a long time. But who will come? According to the latest figures, more and more people buy a Windows phone – the evaluations of the market research firm show that Kanta Worldpanel. And there are not just a few, many who choose Windows phone are correct! From August until October 2013 the proportion of sold Windows phones in most countries in Europe has more than doubled. Windows phone Microsoft increasing popularity is also in America and Australia, sales have risen in both countries. The sales figures for Windows phone in China–went back there the market dominated by native Smartphone manufacturers.

Not quite as good business for Apple and its iPhone was in the aforementioned months. The number of sold iPhones in all countries went back to Australia and Spain – and that, although there are two new iPhone models of the manufacturer. The market research firm believes that this could be among other things because that may be some Apple customers wait prefer something on the iPhone 6, which will be out next year. That the Windows phones so incredibly well sell, has a simple reason: they are cheaper than the Smartphones from Apple and co. The company of Tavastia proper sees a trend toward cheaper smartphones in South America and Europe. You represent to many users, especially for first-time users, an alternative to the much more expensive devices from Samsung, Apple and co.. Microsoft can rejoice: customers who have opted for a manufacturer and hence for its operating system, are usually loyal and stay with their decision.

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