Will Reveal New Terminals with WP7 HTC Event in September?

September, month of ads. Just yesterday we mentioned the announcement of Samsung and videos mysterious to everyone trying to decipher, in the end most leaned to think it would be a new Samsung Wave, but that will be revealed in time. The time is now for HTC.

According to certain reports that run like the wind, HTC would present two new terminals with WP7 handle in the event that will take place in London the first day of the month of September. While Android is the operating system more affection has been part of the Taiwanese manufacturer, this time is the turn of shine for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Apparently two teams that would make its debut in the United States as the Eternity HTC market will be presented and the Omega HTC, the first will have a screen of 3.7 inches and would be on sale through AT & T, while the second would have a large display of 4.5 inches and would be marketed by the operator T-Mobile. Remember that you must not rule out that any of these teams step on European soil at some point.

Yet there is no information when these terminals out for sale, but believed that it might be in a very short time after the event of manufacturer. Unfortunately no one HTC has stated officially, so all of this should be taken as a rumor.