Wiko Cink Peax 2 Dual Sim Smart Phone in Test

 The Cink Peax 2 is one of the newest entry-level devices of the French company Wiko, which is only recently known on the German market and is trying to gain a foothold in the lower price segment. Whether this with the Cink Peax 2 succeeds and whether these cheap smart phones are recommendable, you can read in the following test.


Unpacked & Viewed

I was a bit surprised, however, when I held the packaging of the Wiko Cink Peax in my hand. It already looks almost Apple-typical high-quality and shows the smart phone on the front. The illustrated device looks like a Galaxy S4 at first sight, but it should not be a gray im port from the Far East. Above all, in detail, there are clear differences and so unpacking quickly makes clear that I have aCink Peax 2  from Wiko and no Samsung Galaxy model in hand.

I especially like the processing quality as well as the selected materials. Even if they can not compete with high-priced competitors, they ensure that the Cink Peax 2 is convincing in its price class on the whole line. All buttons are tight and flush in the frame and offer a good pressure point, also the back fits perfectly and does not crack. The display is almost flush and absolutely straight installed and offers no occasion for criticism. Despite its 4.5-inch display diagonal, the Cink Peax 2 is first-class in its hand and can be operated with even the same problem-free. This allows, among other things, the surprisingly thin and very lightweight design of the smart phone, which brings only 124 grams on the balance.


Display With Good Prospects

The display works well and with a resolution of 540 by 960 pixels it is also sufficiently sharp.The brightness and the maximum viewing angle are just as correct as the contrast and the color values. Only when I look at the  Cink Peax 2  in a direct comparison with much more expensive devices, here and there small weaknesses, which are however, in everyday life completely unimportant. Bottom line, the smart phone offers a colorful and sufficiently sharp display that does not have to hide.


Performance For Everyday Life

So that all applications run smoothly and it does not come to rucker, even in the Cink Peax 2even a Quadcore CPU is installed, which clocks per core with 1.2 gigahertz. The MediaTek-made Cortex-A7, however, is by no means as strong as a Qualcomm processor, which is very clear in the benchmarks. Here, the built-in dual-core CPU reaches just half the points of a Qualcomm processor with also two cores. So you should not directly from the number of processor cores directly to the performance close.

Even if the Cink Peax 2 works in the pure benchmark away from the best marks , the performance is enough for the transferred tasks. The smart phone starts quite fast, invites all apps relatively quickly and I could not determine ruckler in the test. Not every game will run in the best quality, but the performance should be enough for everyday life.

Sim Card

Dual Sim For Saving Foxes

In addition to the traditional SIM card slot, the Cink Peax 2  has a second slot for another SIM card. Whether you want to integrate the work phone or at the same time want to use a second contract, the possibilities are almost limitless. Often, the second slot is also used for a cheap internet provider, if the own contract does not include good offers. Practically, the dual SIM function is always a plus as opposed to many more expensive devices that do not have this feature.


Camera At The Angle Of View

I was a bit amazed by the camera, which shoots with an average of 8 megapixels and videos in Full HD. The photos look sharp and sharp, triggering the camera very quickly and providing the typical features. Even in the preview, the pictures present themselves bright and friendly, but also the finished photos do not disappoint. Of course, we are talking about a smart phone camera, which can only replace a genuine digital camera with difficulty.Especially when it gets darker, the Wiko-Cam weakens and supplies noisy pictures. The integrated photolight helps only to a limited extent. For snapshots, however, the  Cink Peax 2 is completely out.

Technical Specifications

Wireless Connections

The Cink Peax 2 has everything you need to get to the Internet quickly. In addition to Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless data exchange, UMTS is also available for connection to the Internet as well as WLAN b / g / n. You only have to renounce NFC and the fast LTE network. However, under UMTS connections up to 14.4 MB are possible, with which you can transfer your data also fast.

To ensure that the Cink Peax 2 is always in control, a digital compass as well as a motionsensor and an ambient light sensor are installed. The latter provides for the automatic brightness of the display.


Electricity For The Day

The whole technology will of course also be supplied with power. So the Cink Peax 2 was a 1.800 milliamperstunden strong accumulator, which is unfortunately a little small.Nevertheless, you have a load without problems, which is also the beginner hardware owed.Thus, the display or processor requires less power than more powerful models.

If you use the smart phone normally, without watching or watching movies for hours on end, you will be able to carry a load without problems throughout the day. With increased economy you can also create two days. Only if you the smart phone extremely demands, the lights go out rather.


Android Without Update Chance

One reason why Wiko can offer its models so cheaply is obviously the savings in the development team. Already before purchase, every customer should be aware that there will be no updates on newer Android versions. The Cink Peax 2 is delivered with Android 4.1.2, which is already relatively obsolete. However, this version is sufficient for most customers.With some luck, custom ROMs might appear for the device if you believe the installation.

Purchase Recommendation For Beginners

If I let the  Cink Peax 2 of Wiko  Revue pass, I can only make a decision: I warmly put the starters and the foxes on the heart, because it has enough power to run smoothly at all times, provides a good display and an acceptable battery life , Also surprised the camera and is amazing for this price segment. I am particularly pleased with the excellent workmanship as well as the selected materials, which are not common in this price segment. Even the Moto X, which costs almost twice, can not keep up.

Of course, you have to make a few cuts: Thus, the smart phone on NFC as well as LTE and the display can not keep up with models beyond the 300 euros. In addition, you should not benchmark comparisons and system updates are not provided. At a price of  149 euros in the Cyberport webshop, however, this is more than justifiable.