When, Where And How To Use Cufflinks

The cuff links are an undeniable symbol of male elegance, the man who chooses to use them demonstrates, even if unconsciously, your level of sophistication and your concern with the image. On the other hand, is an accessory that must be chosen carefully because if the rest of the clash clothes chosen can ruin the whole.

Why Use?

The abotuadura has a very specific utility that is holding the handle of the shirt, but not a shirt, accessory must be used with the French grip (or double handle) to keep it spotless and aligned.

First you must know the types of cufflinks:

Torpedo Cufflinks

Are the most classy. Have a metal pin that probably inspired your name attached to a metal plate by a small rod. Currently there is a wide variety of this cuff links, is made of gold, silver or steel, covered with fabric or precious stones in geometric form, organic or even with pop references.

Barbell Cufflinks

It’s a metal one-piece that more traditional versions bring the tips just two balls, but you can also find a huge variety of shapes and themes.

Cufflinks Chain Links

Composed of two parts joined by a small stream, hence the name “chain link”. It’s usually pretty simple and clean, but like the previous models, has received upgrades and has for all tastes.

Silk Knot Cufflinks

Are more informal and taken off, made with fabric or elastic has a great appeal to the young audience that likes your choice of colors. Its format is very similar to the cufflink Barbell, but your material makes all the difference.

How To Use

To attach the cuff link correctly just pass one end through the two houses (holes) and allow the widest part prevents the handle comes loose. In the case of the cuff link type “Topedo” one end is mobile and your cute facilitates the insertion in the House, the other is exposed and is usually more showy, possessing some kind of adornment.

When To Use

How are considered sophisticated accessories are best used in events that require a sort of elegance or that require a visual impeccable.

Where To Use

On occasions such as weddings or important ceremonies, especially those that require black tie. At work you better leave them only for those meetings where the visual has to be impeccable, on regular days of constant use cufflinks can be considered overkill.

In The Casual Look Can?

Despite originally being designed for extremely formal clothes, some people get the cuff links for visual casual with good results. The cufflinks “Silk Node” type, for example, adapt well to most outfits stripped due to its strong colors and your young appeal.

Many people also like to adorn the lapel of the blazer with a cuff link, but then the effect is purely aesthetic.

How To Combine

Correct: the metal combines with the clock and the rock still references the scarf and tie, but nothing is exactly the same pattern or with the same design.

There are kits that comes with the tie, Hanky and cufflink, all combining, all with the same pattern, but the correct thing in more formal looks, combining the accessory with the clock, i.e. If it is gold, gold cuff links, if it is silver, silver cuff links.

All matching: some people love it, but it is considered an error of style!

In the case of visual random combination is more free, especially when you choose the more colorful, yet maintain a certain coherence between the metal and the metal of the cufflink is a good idea.

Can I Use In A Simple Fist Shirt?

Some people adapt the simple shirt cuff to be used with cuff links, however I believe the result of taste a bit iffy, I advise you to use the attachment by the book!