WhatsApp Beta Includes The 10.2 IOS Emoji: Clown Hello, Shrimp, More Professions… Do Macbook?

By: camillebrion

The emojis are a problem: each device represents them in a different way, which has given rise to some other misunderstood in the past. To alleviate it, applications like Facebook or WhatsApp have chosen different paths: Facebook has designed its own emojis, showing either on Android, iOS and the web, while WhatsApp reuse the emojis of Apple, even if you’re using it on Android.

The result in either case is the same: the emoji is displayed as a transmitter and receiver, reducing misunderstandings. WhatsApp updated their emojis to match them to those present in iOS when occasionally (the last time was in September) and now another reset to enter all new emojis IOS 10.2, included clown.

More emojis in beta

If you are a user of the Beta of WhatsApp a new emoji will greet you when you open the window of emojis: clown, located right next to another novelty, the cowboy. Changes and new entries in the emojis do not end there, and it is that iOS 10.2 included 104 new emojis, 422 if you count all the different variants.

The novelties are varied and depends on which version of the emojis you’re comparing them. They are emojis based on Unicode 9.0 (same as the Nougat 7.1), although in the image and likeness of Apple. Thus, the “person with PC” emoji passes using a branded portable computer without sorting using a Macbook, with the logo and all.

These emojis (you can see the complete list here) they are already dsponibles in WhatsApp Beta and will arrive soon to everyone, so that you can now start to prepare for the the clown emoji, It’s quite scary.

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