WhatsApp Active Verification in Two Steps for All Users

By: camillebrion

Verification in two steps has been a couple of months on WhatsApp, but so far it was not turned on for all users: this additional security measure only those with the beta version could add to their accounts. Now it is finally available for all.

You have already spoken before of how verification in two steps of WhatsApp is slightly different from what you are accustomed. Here, the second step is not a code you receive on your mobile, but own code can you remember via e-mail.

What is it?

Two-step verification aims to make it difficult to someone that you’re not log with your phone number. Here it should be recalled that WhatsApp does not have usernames and passwords as other applications, but uses own phone number and their verification as identification system.

The problem is that phone numbers change hands and even the verification of identity by SMS systems are not at all safe. It is the ideal breeding ground for the Phishing, You can have catastrophic consequences on WhatsApp.

Two steps of WhatsApp verification implies that if you or anyone else want to register on WhatsApp with your phone number, you must include the PIN code that you generate. Do not you remember? It’s okay, you can always send you a link of recovery by e-mail. This should increase the security of your account, unless your e-mail is also committed.

How is it activated

Now that the identification in two steps is active for all users, all you have to do is go to WhatsApp settings- Features – check in two steps and generate your 8 digit PIN code. You must also include an e-mail address that will serve to generate a new code, in the event that you forget it.

From that moment, may not start the registration a WhatsApp account without Enter the code that you just generated. If you are worried about your privacy, it is an option that you should keep in mind, although there are who think that it won’t do much good (like me).

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