What You Should Know About A Mountain Pants

High mountain trousers, also called “Gore trousers” is a super important piece in the wardrobe of any mountaineer (who goes to practice the high mountain, of course), although often not the most used.

Its main advantages are impermeability (eye, not all membranes are equally waterproof and breathable) and total wind resistance. Its major disadvantage is the less perspiration (give more heat and greater sensation of heat).

According to programingplease, the trekking pants have as main advantage its lightness, comfort and breathability (eye that not all perspire alike, some look plastic). As for resistance, both pants are usually the same, since they are made with the same type of fabric (Cordura, etc.).

Many pants are reinforced in Kevlar (Suit Suit), which makes them almost indestructible. A well-kept trekking pants are hydrophobic (water repellent), which gives it a certain degree of impermeability on many occasions more than enough. Today, most are elastic (both trekking and high mountain). The elasticity of the fabric gives an unthinkable comfort a few years ago and allows a truly incredible freedom of movement.

Returning to the objective of the article, the criterion that we can apply to decide on one or the other is very simple and usually works 95% of the time. Just ask yourself:
“Am I going to get wet?”.
Yes: Gore
trousers No: trekking pants

So, to make ice falls, corridors or peaks where the contact with the snow is constant we will decide for the one of Gore. Otherwise, for the trekking. The quality of our trekking pants will also tip the scale to either side, as a good pair of pants will not normally wear the Gore. Of course, most times we will carry it in the backpack just in case.

This criterion is general, and then adapts to each case being able to make multiple combinations: mesh + pants covers; Trousers+pants covers, etc. We can also take the Gore if, although we do not go to get wet is very cold, considering the effort we are going to make and the conditions that we can find.
Before the dilemma of what to buy first, if trekking pants or Gore the answer is simple: trekking. It is much more versatile.

Now that we have the arguments to decide what pants to wear, let’s see what to look for when buying one or the other.

Common Features:

Comfort: pants that cost a lot and we are uncomfortable is useless.

To make a comfortable trouser you have to look for:

Preformed knees.

Elastic fabrics.

Resistance : most of the fabrics are polyamides, some registered under patent (Cordura, Reblar, Schöeller, etc.). Many brands today have their own elastic cordura.

Lightness: often at odds with resistance. A good combination of materials can give us lightweight yet durable trousers.

Characteristics of high mountain pants

Should not wear thermal lining. In this way we better control the layer structure. As every 3rd layer should offer protection, not be an electric blanket.
Waterproof mesh that expels moisture to the outside. This will keep us from sticking our trousers to the skin.
Straps for optimum fit.

Full side opening with zippers and blast flap unless the zippers are silicone (waterproof).

The most important: the membrane. At present there are many membranes that work well and many brands have their own membrane (Trangoworld Inner- Plus, North Phase Sale, Extreme Weather Only, etc.).

There are pants designed for the high mountain winter and others for summer.

Elasticity. It is best to be elastic all over it, although some are elastic only in the knees and kidneys.

I hope this information will help you in your future purchase