What You can’t Miss When Hiking

Before leaving to go hiking or trekking you must take into account essential material that has to carry. Sure when you are considering making a path, you do not remember or do not think that should take some of the elements that are explained below, but you can surprise you the necessary which are.

Trekking Backpack

When he leaves to go hiking is that we have to take many things with us, since you never know what can happen. For this reason, we have to carry a backpack on our tour. We had to choose a backpack always as light as possible, appropriate for the type of the route being practice, size precise and that adapts to the needs of space, above all that is waterproof.

Backpack hiking closures must be closed with zipper according to a2zdirectory.org, so will prevent the entry of water.
The ideal trekking backpack must have tapes to adjust it to the waist and chest, as well as some tapes for when we get tired of carrying canes or anything else in the hands, we can hold them in your backpack to be able to transport them.

You have to take into account that the weight we can carry is less than one-fifth of our weight.

Outerwear and Technical Clothing

When he leaves to go hiking we never know the exact time that is going to do, since you can change easily and in the morning and evenings ago colder than during the day. Therefore we recommend that clothing is as light as possible, but always respecting the times at which is (spring, summer, autumn and winter). For example, in summer a first tee should be layer below so this is can soak all the sweat, and the other over to prevent that we stay cold. However in winter, it is best that take two light clothing and a polar fleece instead of a thick garment.
It should always be warm more possible, but that never have to hinder or prevent the correct movement.
In the extremities, where practically all our body heat, escapes we have to protect them for the cold. Why feet we don’t have to forget about technical socks that prevents to escape the cold, and other spare in case your feet get wet.
In winter we have to wear gloves in the hands.

Map of the Hiking Route

Before you start any trekking output, it is very important to know what we’re going to face, what kind of roads are going to walk or the environment, so it is highly recommended that we get a map of the area.

Highly recommend mark with a pen the route on the map with the help of a compass, so if was the case of a dense fog, would follow the path with the help of map and compass.


If we are going to make the trail alone, is highly recommended to carry one, since, as we said in the previous paragraph, with a compass and a map can be perfectly used to set target. That Yes, he would have to learn to use it to be able to your destination and not appear at 15 km in the opposite direction, (a friend of mine has passed ;))
If we have lost the signages of the hiking trails there are very dense fog, or we have lost, it is very important to know how to use it.
You can buy between € 20 and € 60, although today all smart phones incorporate it.

Special Boots

There is a type of boot for each type of path, i.e. they may not be used or they are not recommended to use the same boots to a dirt track, one stone or one of Earth and stones.
You must buy boots the lightest possible foot must be securely fastened inside, and in addition have to be waterproof. It is the most important element to go trekking, therefore we must think very much which buy.
A couple of tips:
If you cross paths with mud, it is recommended to clean the soles with a stick, as if, you won’t feel walking in you are wearing a smooth-soled boots.
Never use the same day for the hiking trail boots, since they can spoil you the day if they do not adapt well to the foot, or your them.

Trekking Pole

The Poles are a very important element for the route. It helps us to walk, especially in the terrain that is not extremely smooth.
The poles will help us distribute the weight when we got up the other foot in two different points, which will make us more stability
Anatomic handle aluminum canes are highly recommended and light, the end of the cane ends on a piece of sharp metal or rubber.
There are several types, which are fixed and the extensible. The extendable in my opinion are better, because they can be adjusted to the size of each person, and when we get tired of carry it in your hand or do not need you more, always as able put in backpack or hold the backpack with special purpose ribbons.


Water is a very important element, since it is recommended that every human being has to drink 2 liters of water a day. Therefore before starting the route it would have to view the map and see if there is some source on the way, although depending on the season, may be the fountain dry or frozen. So we must always carry a bottle of water, with as minimum 750 ml of water, and fill it out whenever possible.


Whenever it comes to hiking, it is highly recommended to take something to eat, since for anything it may be the case that you have a drop in voltage, sugar or simply hungry. Therefore it is essential that we should bring in the backpack, which depending on the duration or the hardness of the route will have to take more or less food in the backpack.

Personal Identifier

Already not just for hiking, but that always wear over ID card and health card, can occur many things requiring them.

Pocket Knife

Can we not get it to use that day, but not it is worth carrying a knife multipurpose. Don’t need those that have thousand functions, but with a straight blade, can opener, punch and saw blade would be sufficient. If we were camping, we would have to have one with some other function more.


The mountain should always take extra precautions, therefore you must always wear a raincoat.
Watch how fast that changes the time in the cities, because imagine how can be in the mount. Suddenly it can be raining, as rising air or humidity, there is therefore a raincoat or poncho that does not occupy anything and we cover us and backpack.

First Aid Kit

Can you slip, that you cut with any branch or suffer a mishap on the trail, so a small first aid kit with a few strips, a minifrasco of alcohol and another from mercromina, together with a bit of cotton, a band, a sachet points and hypoallergenic tape we can take most of problems.

Mobile Phone

If we know we will have coverage during the route, is never more carry a cell phone in case there is an emergency. The emergency telephone is 112, but should only call if it is absolutely necessary.


Always have to wear a hat or cap on, because if we make a route to summer in a mountain 1,000 metres of altitude for about 4 or 5 hours, the Sun we will paste as nice, and if we don’t have it we regret.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to make a hassle-free hiking route.