What Type of Bra is Right for You

The year-end holidays arrive at strides, which included well obviously desires of glamorous and sexy evening gowns, and very often form bustier!

Because of this, it is important to involve a lingerie adequate, and especially at the level of the bra ! And at this level, the generous breasts were often hard to find the backless bra that will perfectly maintain their chest and allow them to be totally comfortable on the dance floor!

Lemon Curve has prepared its selection of bras perfectly suited to the p headbandsoitrines generous!

The Bandeau Bra: an Essential Lingerie

In the category of the pieces of lingerie that every woman must have in her closet lingerie, the BRA band actually part! Indeed, it allows you to draw finally any type of small top or dress that will highlight your shoulders open.

However, who says type of said specific clothing necessarily suitable lingerie !And as a major type of bras according to PaulDigo.com, the bandeau bra lends itself perfectly to this! bandeau bra is

But in the case of the lingerie size, an important problem in the choice of the latter: the maintenance of the chest! Indeed, for each type of chest bandeau bra is very often be a gene rather than an ally. In addition to the size that is not necessarily always appropriate, certain aspects of the bra should be taken into account to maintain and enhance the best chest. The form, materials and the technical nature of the product must also be perfectly studied. In the case of generous curves, the maintenance is of capital importance to not rush the aging, as well as permanent physical damage.

A bandeau bra large size suitable for your large breasts, here is our selection!

Our Selection


Who said that the generous breasts were not entitled to their push up? Indeed, the form of banner, the push-up Bra can allow you to enjoy a more harmonious breast shape, since it will refocus and put it all in lightness.

For this, the Wonderbra brand is your best ally! Undisputed leader of the push-up, it offers both the small to the large cap. In addition, it has the advantage of offer that much more refined all as basic parts. The Glamour refined model will seduce you with its very feminine lace stripe.

How will it perfectly support your chest? Thanks to its technology in the form of hands on the sides of the cups of the BRA.


The softness and elegance are the key words of the Berlei lingerie brand. Its know-how is trying to seduce more and more women looking for sophisticated and innovative products.

The Form Beauty of Berlei bra is designed for the cups from the D to the H. In addition to its maintenance, this bandeau Bra will give you discretion under your clothes thanks to its capacity of invisibility.


The brand of lingerie Panache here offers a selection of bras headbands special marriage under its line Evie Bridal lingerie. Indeed, to the busty woman never panicked at the idea of not finding the BRA fits her wedding dress? And although the plume brand meets your prayers!

The comfort is essential for the plume brand, which offers here a bra which the armature is very wide for an optimal maintaining generous breasts.


Gossard rest ally sensuality of any self-respecting woman through sexy lingerie and delicate to accompany the woman in all his moments of seduction.

Gossard offers here its line Superboost Lace and its version of the push-up Bra band, who subtly reveals the breast through her bra basketform. If however you do not want to take advantage of a too dizzying neckline, know that the present pads at the level of the cups are removable. If you want a more elegant rendering, rejoice since this model is also available in black.

Marie Meili

Marie Meili strives to meet the needs of a wide target through pieces of lingerie that adapt as well to the small and the strong breasts. So, whether you need a B Cup bra or a G Cup BRA, Marie Meili is here for you! This will come out linen suitable for the modern woman who wants comfort and modernity.

The lingerie Marie Meili brand unveils a bandeau bra strapless version with its Pretty. Various small details put on the BRA will make you succumb! The little pink knot located in the breasts and peas dotted with hand and on the other provide a retro touch to the whole.

Its three rows of staples will bring you the support and comfort to not worry about the presence of your bra.

Curvy Kate

The brand large Curvy Kate lingerie is the specialist of generous! She knows so better than anyone needs and strives to answer to the best all by promoting the beauty of curvy women. Curvy Kate target women with generous curves who wish to put their femininity forward through glamorous, colorful pieces and at the forefront of the latest trends.

With its luxury line, so you have the choice between a beige and a black model, that will both provide you with discretion and maintenance throughout the day or evening.


Triumph is a brand that mixes great seduction, technicality and comfort through its pieces of lingerie. She invites women to feel beautiful and confident every day in its modern and thoughtful trimmings carers.

With its Shape Sensation model, Triumph fits both the small and the strong breasts through her stretch band which includes perfectly any turn back. In addition, this sheath you just what it takes to help the BRA stay in place without worry.

You now have all the cards to find the headband fits your busty bra! Do not forget that the most important rest of well determine your bra size to find the one who will keep you best!