What To Wear On Valentine’s Day!

On day 12 of June commemorated in Brazil the Valentine’s day, one of the most significant dates, especially for trade. On that day, most couples, at least those who are most passionate, romantic and attentive, they planning something special, like a dinner. To make beautiful, nothing better than to choose the look right. Check out some tips to hit the production:
As we’re thinking about a celebration of Valentine’s day night, the chosen look, obviously, it has to be according to the occasion. Therefore, this production has to be charming and a bit sexy, since the date asking for a more sexy and powerful inspiration.
Look with skirt
A good alternative to go to dinner with your love on Thursday can be combine a skirt with detail (or totally) in leather with silk shirt and a black shoes, which can be a pumps, a sandal with straps or even ankle boots. You can bet up to a colorful leather skirt, like Burgundy, tile, cobalt blue, among other options, or black skirt with a plain shirt, neutral or vibrant color, or stamped.

Look with pants
Now, if you’re not in the mood to wear a skirt or think it’s too cold, replace the piece by a leather pants, which also gives it that charm in the look and looks great for evening wear. Combine the pants with a shirt or even a peplum blouse, to give more charm. You can finish the look with a blazer.
Look with dress
Another good option is to invest in a look with dress, which always ends up giving super right, especially for being a single piece. In this Valentine’s day, how about using a long sleeve model in one of the most desired colors of this winter, the bungundy (or Burgundy, here in Brazil). You can wear a dress like that in a more formal, like a tube, or something more basic, as a chemisier, fluffy and more comfortable.
To match the look with dress, how about investing, in the case of the tube, in a good pumps, which can be nude to stretch your legs, but if you prefer the black Valley. Now, with the chemisier, accessories with a touch more boho can be perfect, therefore, abuse of a brincão or a maxi necklace. In the feet, ankle boot might fall well.