What to Wear During Cold Winter

Just receive the invitation that wedding or graduation more formal in the winter months so that questions appear most common fashion season. After all, what kind of jacket to wear with cocktail dress? Easy: with the right tricks, you can adapt that model used at graduation of press in December for the wedding of a friend in the middle of the year.

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First of all, maximum: nothing in fashion’s absolute rule, vary (a lot!) according to the personality and individual tastes. The main thing is to feel good about the look picked-because there’s nothing left to be beautiful and be cold all night. To help in this mission, Donna has prepared a guide with the help of three of the coolest fashion experts here of the State: the designer Charles Bacchi and stylists Eden Jose and Roberta Weber, who is also a columnist here on the site.

After all, that dress models are recommended for cold?

Like most Parties happens indoors, usually with air-conditioning, there is no need to worry about being completely covered to placate the freezing wind. But just like in the summer is not the best way to choose a long-sleeved dress, the ideal is, in the winter, leave the closet that model that leaves a lot of skin showing.

— It is best to avoid spaghetti straps and strapless. The dress can have a bra-tions, but with at least one manguinha — suggests Eden José.

For those who prefer to be more covered, but by no means less elegant, perhaps one of the best inspirations is the actress Angelina Jolie. In many red carpets across Hollywood, the wife of Brad Pitt often appears wearing models of medium and long sleeves.

Her secret to the look won’t be heavy or with a lot of information out of prints and invest in accessories that take the focus off your neck and arms, like a good joke. With a deep neckline, sleeves to the wrists help balance the silhouette and eliminate any risk of overstatement. Want to get away from the dress up your feet? Long sleeves or just below the elbow also help to let the short look more wintry.

— Long sleeve is on the rise and it works very well. Long sleeve allows strategic cutouts or higher necklines. If the will is an effect more discovered, appeal to the tulle color of skin, which warms and helps give the trick — teaches Roberta Weber.

If you go shopping for a dress that is perfect for the days when the thermometer down there, it’s worth paying attention to the material. For the designer Charles Bacchi, specialist in fashion party, choose a thicker fabric is the key to mount a good winter production:

— In winter, the customers have opted for fabrics like velvet and heavy crepes. Nothing very fine fabric or fluttering.

And what kind of coat combines with party dress?

Oddly enough, the piece you use for less time during the night is the one that raises doubts among women. If we stop to think, the coat only appears in production to reach and leave the venue of the event. With the dress you choose, open your wardrobe and evaluate if the jacket ideal for cast off the production no longer with their hangers – will depend on the occasion of the model that you will wear and, of course, of your personal style.

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Cover, the new darling of garlands

Since returning to the international scene fashion runway, 2013 turned Joker in closets and works primarily to accompany long dresses, as the mighty big red of Sarah Jessica Parker. Are Add-ons elegant and less obvious than a Cardigan, as advocates for Roberta. Bacchi agrees:

— Cover is the part that I like best for such occasions. Generally, do the same fabric, but also to choose a neutral color and that the woman can use later.

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Good old mink stole: Joker’s closet of gala

Maybe the addition of favorite bridesmaids to make the dress more appropriate for the Church, the traditional stole out of the altar and serves as an option to warm up the production of the guests. Looks good if made with the same fabric of the dress and also in neutral tones, like the nude and black. Roberta Weber also indicates the pashminas with details such as brightness or embroidered, adding glamour to that little black dress, for example. For those who want to go beyond, the tip is Eden Joseph:

— To get to the event, you can also use a cloth or even a beautiful shawl ethnic, but he gets away to Grandma style. But be sure to leave it in the Chair as you enter (at the party) — recommends the stylist

Skin, the glamour that never goes out of style

For icy days, don’t hesitate to bet on a good coat of skin – if it is fake, even better. Bulky, look good if combined inversely with the length of your dress: If the option is for a long, Valley choose a jacket or bolero style to go no more than waist-deep – so, prevents the silhouette appear flattened.

Unconditional fan of cutest sweater closet, Kate Moss shows that the skin works to let that short dress with more winter face – and, in the case of print in Leopard, also adds a modern touch to the visual.

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For the flowers, a good blazer

Is a long like of our eternal Carrie Bradshaw or a model at the knees like Olivia Palermo, a well-cut blazer is the solution to let the party dress cooler and still protect themselves from the cold. The more prepared and with details that add more elegance, as a distinctive collar, cuffs and waist applications checked, better. In events not so formal as a graduation reception, the blazer still works to adapt that mini dress for lower temperatures.

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