What the Best Dress for Plus Size

Why not use a plus size dress more fair, glued to the body?

Hello girls, how are things?

I and some friends we decided to drop in the Club this past weekend. We went out on Saturday night and we dance. It’s been a while since I enfiávamos the foot in jaca. We heard great music, swing the skeleton (and the chubbiness lol) we had a few drinks and we ended the night exhausted and sweaty. Hey, good thing!

Once we decided where we were going, I ran to my very cute hat from wardrobe to see what I had to perfect for that moment. Want a plus size dress wonderful! And I found one, exact, glued to the body. That’s right! Marking the chubbiness, showing the tail feathers, which is to kill. Oh, no, people! This that we fatties, we can’t use a dress fair, glued to the body, all on the outside, right? We need to stay beautiful, safe, powerful! And believe me, hitting on modeling and accessories, can be beautiful (Yes!) with a fair play. Spied on!

The charming and beautiful chubby girl who appears in the photo above is the Tanesha Jenkins ‘ boy got Awasthi, who subscribes to the blog “Girls With Curves”, one of the most respected fashion blogs in the us. And it’s not just in the market for plus size fashion, don’t. It’s in the fashion market as a whole. See how she look good with a dress fair.? The model is beautiful, draped on the side, she added the accessories, including the stock exchange, to compose the look, a little jump. Scored a little belly, love handles, hips? So what? Someone will say that she is not beautiful?

The idea that we, fatties, we can only use loose parts is very strong. It was not easy to find pictures to illustrate this post. It’s as if we should pretend all the time there’s no fat in there, under that outfit. I don’t want to pretend anymore. I’m past that. I spent a lot of time in my teens and part of my youth spending power with it.Want to extol what is beautiful. And I have no doubt, we have so much to show you!

If you are not yet accustomed to using these models, there are some tricks that can help. The market has been using the neoprene in the confection of clothes plus size, which is the same material used in the clothes of the surfers. He is more then, more dense and with a greater thickness. Is comfortable and gives a great fit, scoring less. Worth checking out!

Notice that the plus size dress models of neoprene has a vertical stripe on the side. It helps to delineate the silhouette, cinturada, making the piece very elegant and sexy.

Another tip is to use the Slinky dress with some overlap, like a blazer, a recess calling him Jacques strap or a Cardigan. For the colder days, a very thick, a panty-hose pumps or a boot, which comes as a strong trend for this winter 2016, are pieces that will leave the look just elegance.

Even to go to a party a plus size dress quieter too. See this model of designer Arthur Caliman Roman trophy Ju is using. A show!

Yes, girls, I think it’s important to desmitificarmos patterns, prejudices related to women who wear a size larger.Remember that the number one rule is to feel well! So, if you have the will to use certain clothes, but you don’t think you’re going to be okay, try it first, without prejudice.

Kisses to all of your plus size fashion!