What Should I Do Allo to Improve?

By: camillebrion

Last Google, Allo messaging application, doesn’t quite Jell among the users. So much so that it has long stalled in the 10 million download and out of the Top 500 applications. For one reason or another, Allo it has failed to capture the attention that was expected, and Google can do anything other than wonder why.

Proof of this is that Google is looking for people willing to share your opinion about Allo via studies of experiences. It is preferable to live near Seattle, San Francisco, Delhi, Sao Paulo or London, which is not my case, so I have instead preferred to include here my list of Allo what could do to improve.

1. a greater commitment

First of all, is necessary to compromise. With so many available messaging applications, nobody wants to bother to install, learn how to use and inicitar to your friends using one of which not they are very unsure of what will happen with her. And this is how one feels with Allo.

Google has a certain history in this regard. There are who still has not recovered from the closing of Google Wave, the Google Reader or how it is taken back to Hangouts. Why should believe that Allo will come forward and? not be forsaken within three, six months or a year? Really we have no way of knowing it, and taking into account developments has introduced lately, it seems that it is not very high on the list of priorities of the company.

2 multi-system and multi-device

It is much less ironic that a company like Google has opted for the model of WhatsApp, inherited from almost a decade ago, instead of taking advantage of the cloud, a technology that Google dominates. Allo is currently linked to one phone number and one device, so it you cannot use on your tablet or reply to messages from the comfort of your PC.

Up to WhatsApp, also linked to a single device and number, features web version

The funny thing is that despite being linked to your number, you can connect it to your Google account, that it does not imply almost no benefit. Allo tries to copy to iMessages but only in bad parts, and forget completely everything I learned during years with Hangouts. Today unthinkable is a messaging application that only runs on a device at a time. To WhatsApp, determined to not be a service in the cloud, it has a room for improvement but functional web version and for PC.

3 calls and video calls

We are already in 2017 and that means that almost any messaging application that needs to have at least voice calls. In the case of Allo also solution is pretty easy, as it could outsource to Google Duo to finish the task.

Google Duo is crying out to be integrated with Allo

Both applications were announced at the same time, both were public at the same time and both are based on the same phone numbers, but they do not interact or integrate in any way. They did at its launch, nor make it now, half a year later. There have been time.

4 SMS support

In some countries, SMS messages are free of charge and therefore are used extensively as any other messaging application. It is not surprising therefore that some applications like Facebook Messenger or Hangouts they have integrated them at some point. In Allo SMS integration takes talking about for a long time, but the time never comes.

Messenger and RCS support makes the competition to Allo

Allo is bound to a single device and telephone number – the same as the SMS – but still going for free. Google has a separate application for them, Messenger, that it has been renewed recently so it does not seem to go away.

5. an incentive to use it

There are other things I would personally change in Allo, and surely you you happen to many others that I hope to share in the comments. For example, the interface really does not attract me too and I think somewhat slower navigation that in other applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, but neither I consider necessary to become a monster of thousand functions to Allo. Finally and after, when speaking with friends almost always use the same things: texts, emoji, photos, videos, and occasional calls.

Instead, it seems more important to Google to use more aggressive tactics to increase its share of users. Allo is right now nothing otherworldly – in fact, compared with other messaging application does not come out too well stop – so?Why should you bother to use it?

Just that Google is able to convince us that I add reviews and photos of the places that we have visited in Google Maps in Exchange for exclusive features and more storage space, no doubt could do something to encourage you to use Allo. Google can add thousand features, SMS support, translate 200 languages Assistant and make the nicest interface in Android’s history, but without users Allo is useless, or almost.

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