What Is the Right Length of Men’s Shorts?

The Brazilian man has a special relationship with the short clothes, after all, in a hot country, this is the most obvious way to freshen up, but one thing that doesn’t make sense is that at the same time the male audience the country seems not to reach an agreement about the right length of Bermuda, most of them uses the play too long and inappropriate for several reasons :

-The Bermuda long shortens your legs, hurting anybody, is tall, short, fat or thin;

–The longer, more heat. She may not be hot as a pair, but it’s definitely not as fresh as your shorter version;

-The exaggerated length makes you look sloppy.

Unlike the years 90, when Bermuda necessarily had to cover the knees, hurting the male silhouette, in the last decade the intention is to let them show, stay fresher and stretch your legs. The most accepted bar height and that leaves most men comfortable with your visual, lies between the half of the knee and thigh, 10 cm above that mark still is a long accepted and dress by many, but the leg of the shorts are a little above that you have a short and it is better to reserve it for the beach.

Can I Use The Shorts Below The Knee?

In fact you can use the length you want, but it’s nice to know that she’s not going to promote, even if you are tall, thin and athletic. As you can see in the image above, even the Bermuda to water, widely used by surfers, are measures of the legs shorter than it was 10 or 15 years ago.

I Must Play My Shorts Too Long Away?

Not even! Currently became a charm wear it folded, then use this feature to adjust it, just not much to do with the models with wide legs, these, when folded, are left with the strange appearance too much, in this case you need professional help, see a seamstress and ask if these pieces have salvation.