What is STF? Acronyms and Abbreviations

STF is the acronym for Supreme Court, the greater importance of the Brazilian judiciary.

The jurisprudence of the SUPREME COURT is focused on protecting the Federal Constitution of Brazil, as defined in article 102. Therefore, in judging all cases and proposals for extraordinary laws that conflict with what is established in the Constitution.

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For example, between the staves of trial handled by the SUPREME COURT are those that are not clearly specified in the Constitution or that conflict with this.

The decriminalization of drugs, including marijuana (cannabis), is an example of an issue which must be discussed and judged by the Supreme Court.

In 2015, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, together with a group of opponents to the Government of President Dilma Rousseff, filed a request of impeachment against the Chief Executive.

Due the circumstances considered unconstitutional, the request had to be analyzed and judged by the Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court is composed of eleven Ministers, which must have a Rico legal knowledge and unblemished reputation, in addition to between 35 and 65 years old.

All the Ministers are appointed by the President of the Republic, after prior approval by the Senate.


As well as the Supreme Court, the SUPREME COURT – acronym of Superior Court of Justice -is considered one of the most important superior courts of Brazil.

The SUPREME COURT was created by the Federal Constitution of 1988 and intended to judge the so-called “special features”, those that afflict infra-constitutional laws, that is, under the Constitution.

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