What Is Cycling-Tax

Cycling tax is a phrase given to name the maneuvers and economic, that are classified as crimes of fiscal responsibility. These maneuvers have as main objective, to put it mildly, momentarily, the accounts of the government.

What Is Cycling-Tax

There is a lot of controversy involving the subject of cycling tax, as some ex-presidents have practiced these maneuvers, causing losses to the whole country.

The order of events in this manoeuvre happens by the responsibility of the National Treasury, which deliberately slows the transfer of money to banks in the public, private and local authorities, with the objective direct and malicious as to deceive the financial market, so that all may have the impression that the government is with few expenses, but in truth, the expenses accumulate.

This leads into another problem, because the financial institutions that are financing for some projects of the government itself, as for example the social benefits and social security begin to have that use of own money to be able to make the payment of the costs hidden by the maneuver, all this to avoid that the individuals who are the beneficiaries of the benefit plans, social security, in the end, do not leave harmed.

These maneuvers are very malicious that the government is to deceive the market and only brings prejudice at the end of everything, because just by increasing the primary surplus. In fact, it will only prevent a deficit in the primary, which happens when the accounts payable of the government become much larger than the revenue generated.

On the other hand, it is seen that the debt that the government has such as banks and financial institutions will only worsen, because the real problem has not been resolved.

It is known to all, especially of the rulers, that the famous ride the tax is characterized as a crime, since it violates the fiscal responsibility law, which seeks to regulate all and any movements of finance that may be made by federal agencies, state and municipal.

The goal of having a law of fiscal responsibility is to achieve the transparency of public expenditures and cycling tax, but it ends up hiding the real costs and the budget of the government.

To give you an idea, according to the information of the attorney general of the Union, the AGU, the ride tax maneuvers known and practiced by the brazilian government since the year 2000, when the country had, until then, was ruled by the ex-president fernando henrique cardoso, the former brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

The ride tax came to become a gigantic problem in the government of ex-president Dilma Rousseff, who used those maneuvers tax, according to the information of the government, to pay the social projects existing in the country up until then, as the Family Grant, even though this is a social project I have not had the desirable investment, which characterized the argument of the ex-president as being a fallacy.

With this information, the opposition to the government petista de Dilma Rousseff has requested and has filed the impeachment of the president. The hole left by such maneuvers as economic, according to the Court of Accounts of the Union, the TCU, which is the organ that has the responsibility of overseeing and judging the accounts of the Federal Government, it comes to involve more than 40 billion between the period of 2012 to 2014, only with the rides. tax.

Acronyms with Cycling

  • BGRC: British Glass Recycling Company
  • CO: Cycling for Opportunity
  • BBRS: Blue Box Recycling System
  • TC: Thermal Cycling
  • IRA: Illinois Recycling Association
  • CRC: Chicago Recycling Coalition
  • CRC: Computer Recycling Center
  • ARI: Alltech Recycling, Inc
  • ARC: Alternative Recycling Credit
  • PCM: Pro Cycling Manager
  • ARF: Advanced Recycling Fee
  • DR: Direct Recycling

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