What I Carry in My Purse of Swimming!

If there’s one thing I love is being in the water–my adoration for baths will not let me lie. That’s why my favorite sport was always swimming. I started practicing as a child and throughout life, alternating my comings and goings to training (there was a time in which almost competed, very chic!).

What I Carry in My Purse of Swimming!

After a few years, I swim and I’m now doing twice a week this kind of exercise.Then came the dilemma of assembling the trunk: don’t like carrying life but I know there are things that are essential. In the end, she was more or less the way it is in the Assembly:

Starting from cosmetics, which I know is what else matters to you! To not load a thousand bottles, decided to make use of the thumbnails. At the moment, I’m using a Native Spa kit with shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap, all of the line Verbena + Áloe Vera. How does not exist to sell because it was an amenity of the apothecary who I won during a trip, put up here my close companions. This kit AgeDefy of Pantene Expert Collection is new and brings shampoo (118 ml), conditioner (75 ml) and that empowers treatment (50 ml). Kit Serum, Lolita Body Emporium Store, liquid soap, moisturizing lotion and body oil (this will leave at home), all with 60 ml.

The toiletry bag that keep all this is a screen shot of Nivea I won once. How is furadinha, enables breathing and prevents the accumulation of water. Put this chic just as an example, because it has to sell several cheap around. Another tip from location to accommodate personal belongings is the plastic bag with hermetic closure, I’m planning to buy to put a bathing suit, Cap and goggles. At the time, using those same market, but it will be much better to have a resistant to dry and then use many times (nature thanks you, huh!).

In terms of clothing and accessories, my bathing suit is old man of war, Adidas, and looks like the template that I put in the Assembly. The glasses and Hat are the Speedo, which I consider an excellent mark for swimming. On the first, are recent purchase and I’m enjoying a lot training with them. The Strip was, it’s not double as in most glasses. The seal of this model is also very good! To attach the hair clip, elastic and always. I also use a Petite Jolie slippers there (same as the picture, mine is red) and am considering buying a special towel to dry off, because I take is huge and takes up the largest space in the trunk! My boyfriend wears this style there, said dry Microfiber super well. Let’s see!

As the Academy is stupidly near my house (and I’ll drive, cof, cof), leave it to wash your face with SOAP specific, pass moisturizing and sunscreen when I get even.

And then, like what’s in my bag enxutíssima? If any swimmer on duty has more ideas, just tell in the comments!

PS: I forgot to put in the Assembly the deodorant, which is one of the Rexona Teens, small ones, and the suitcase where I carry it all–one of the Puma, old lady who just, couldn’t even find on the internet!