What Are The Types Of Bow Tie?

Contrary to what many may think there are many models of bow tie, at least 4 of them can be found most commonly in specialty stores and deserve your attention since their sizes differ and may be influencing your body type.

So, before you start, take a read in this post about the ideal width of bow tie to the proportions of your face .

If you need tips on how to use the bow tie  see our guide on the subject.

Some people have questions about how to tie bow tie, this video shows in detail with doing that.

With all this information on tip of tongue you can catch up on the types of bow tie, see below:

1-Classic Butterfly or big Butterfly

More loud and showy than the standard bow tie, she is a little more difficult to use and is not advised for those who have small face.

Size: between 8 and 9 cm altura.*

2-modern Butterfly or standard

The most used and easy to harmonize with the suit due to your average size. It is also the most sought after and sold in stores, just for being a safe choice.

Size: approximately 6 cm altura.*

3-diamond or pointed Tip

The tip of this bow tie look retro and nice to play, but it’s not the easiest to find, unfortunately. Has similar dimensions to the standard model which facilitates use with most costumes and face formats.

Size: approximately 6 cm altura.*

Note: there is also a version of the diamond tip with the width of the bat wing (next topic).

4-bat wing or straight end

Is the finest model, therefore deserves attention in time to be used and may be out of proportion if you’re very corpulent or have or have the big face.

Size: approximately 4 cm altura.*

5-Round or rounded

Similar to Diamond, but with rounded edges. Have a casual look good when the piece is stamped and colored.

* width can vary, the most common is between 11 and 12 centimeters, there are fewer or larger, to see if the size harmonize with your face see this guide.

Tip about types of bow tie

Before you buy do a test to see if the model chosen really suits you, not only in terms of size, but also in color, fabric and shape, some things you just discover proving and comparing.