Wewood Watches: The Holzuhrentrend Goes on

Recently, I’ve already raved about the wonderful Kerbholzuhrhren, which meanwhile have expanded my watch collection by one copy.
Now, however, I have also other great Holzehren of the watch brand WeWood over the way “run”, which I will by no means withhold you. The trend of the watch world is probably towards sustainability, because the philosophy of WeWood states that the true beauty is in nature – and I can fully underline this. Two ecologically committed entrepreneurs from the USA have recognized the potential of watches by the designer Alessandro Rossano and so the watches spread quickly all over the world and have become a popular companion in everyday life.

Nothing is more beautiful than feeling good with what you wear. WeWood solves this feeling in any case, because the clocks are mainly made of wood waste from the furniture production and interior decoration and the brand works closely with the environmental protection organization American Forest, which plants a tree for every sold specimen. This is how I, as a customer, can also participate in the protection of our forests and the environment.
The watches are not only environmentally friendly but also very stylish. There are actually five different types of wood between which one can choose. Maple, mahogany and ebony form an exciting spectrum from beige to black. The tropical wood Guajak creates an army-green tone and clocks of nettle-tree shine in a warm brown. The different structures of the wood species ensure that every watch is unique according to THEELITESWATCHES.COM.

This is probably also a reason why so many fashion and lifestyle bloggers feel magically attracted by the ecological fashion option. But for me as a “normalo” they are a great and sustainable accessory, which I would like to spread and enrich my watch collection by a further.