Westwing Guide to Green Pendant

Lighting is one of the most important points of a home. And to help with this mission, there are a number of products that cover the bulbs so they are not totally exposed, helping to make the décor look better. But, when you think about it, then associate the subject with chandeliers, know that the current tendency is to bet on the pendants. They leave the decor lighter and softer. And a green pendant has other advantages.

Due to the variety of colors and design, it is easy to find a pendant that fits the style of your home. So, how about getting out of the obvious and adopting a green pendant? It is quite versatile, as it can compose any room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedrooms. In addition, each green pendant model helps to create a different style. You gain complete freedom to use the imagination in the décor. See more with Westwing!

Green Pendant In Decoration

Lighting up the house with pendants is a way to unite elegance and casualness, concepts that fit into a modern and contemporary decor.

The green pendant can be part of any room in the house. In the kitchen, for example, it helps to leave the environment with ares of freshness, which can be very important for very hot houses. In addition, eating with that fresh feeling is key, making the momentum even more peaceful and enjoyable.

If your kitchen is an American kitchen , the green pendant integrates between this room and the dining room in a very bare and creative way, as well as both spaces.

In the children’s room, the green pendant also becomes a great choice precisely because it is colorful, leaving the environment even more playful. In addition, it is possible to make themed decoration for children. The green pendant can be part of the theme “forest animals,” for example, making the children’s room more fun and joyful.

And in the living room? Of course the green pendant is also welcome in this room. Depending on the model, the green pendant in the living room composes the most varied styles, ranging from the contemporary to the eclectic.

Green Pendant Models

As we said above, according to each model of green pendant it is possible to create a decorative style.

A green pendant with crockery or chromed metal socket collaborate for a more classic and sophisticated decoration, for example.

Now, to create a light environment with a more natural décor-and even tropical, depending on your taste-the green sisal pendant is the right choice. Another tip is to adopt it at the beach house, offering an even greater sense of tranquility and naturalness.

In turn, the green acrylic pendant and green plastic pendant are suitable for those who want to create a more modern and uncluttered decoration. Usually, these models are found in more intense and cheerful tones, like yellowish green, or even neon.

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