Way: Fitness Plus Size Fashion From Gamaia

By: camillebrion

Did you know that many overweight women give up or even think of practicing physical activities by not having appropriate clothes to go to the gym, for example? Sounds crazy, but it’s true! The plus size segment advanced enough in Brazil, but if there’s something still missing is fitness clothes to wear great women. Thinking about it, my friend blogger Deborah Fatima, who is a designer, joined the Gamaia Sports brand to

create a line specially designed for the plus size. The Dede (as I like to call it) has put together all your experience and experience of universe plus size with your professional side to design parts that wear from the 46. The mark Way emerged to meet this demand sets plus size fitness with pieces that treasure for good fabrics, whose trim is nice in our body, colors and cut-outs following the trends. Has details on tulle, devorê and polyamide because you can also get good looking working out, okay? Self-esteem has to be up to while we’re asleep. Hahahaha!

The Way parts are available in stores Gamaia Sports Network in the cities of São José dos Campos (Megaloja Dutra and Vale Sul Shopping), Jacareí (Jacareí Shopping) and Taubaté (Taubaté Shopping), but if you live in other cities like me, you can buy by brand site: Our site I found accessible values for the quality and design of the products , did you? I think you will enjoy it as much as I do. The Dé razed in the development of this fitness plus size fashion collection and has a lot of beautiful thing. Take a peek at the pictures and go to the website to view more models: Our site.

I loved it and I think you will enjoy! Tell me what you think and spread this news to your friends that they never find nice clothes to work out!

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