Watches That Design the Hours on the Wall

By: camillebrion

LED lighting with different colors, alarm clock with sounds of nature and projector that reflects the hours on the ceiling are some of the differentials of digital watches

The LED Alarm Clock has multi-function: shows time, date, temperature and day of the week

Looking at the hands of the clocks to know what time they are is no longer necessary.The traditional way of checking the timetable can be replaced by the different proposals of digital clocks.Different models with complementary functions are the new characteristic of these objects.

The LED Alarm Clock is an option.With modern and elegant design, the clock has multi-function: the LCD display shows the time, date, day of the week and temperature and illuminates with LED in 7 different colors, which change with chromotherapeutic effect.In addition, it has snooze function and alarm clock with six options of sounds of the nature, like waterfall, tropical birds and forest.The product costs R $ 46.90 and works with three AAA batteries, which are not included with the product.

Another model is the Digital Clock Projector of Hours in the Ceiling .When pressed, the unit projects the time on the ceiling for about 20 seconds.It also has an alarm function and a colored LED light that changes color in a circular way.The product, which runs on three AAA batteries, is available in silver and white colors and costs $ 39.90.

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The appliance projects the time on the ceiling for about 20 seconds

The two products as well as other options can be found at Drika Jewelry & Accessories Online Store.

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