Warm And Wonderful: The Best Winter Sports Outfits

Glittering snow, snowy mountains and perfectly groomed slopes: winter sports fans can not wait to start the season on the “boards or skis that mean the world”! If you want to prove not only driving but also styling in the snow, you will learn about the winter sports trends of the season in our current post! 

Whether it is skiing or snowboarding, long or ice skating, tobogganing, sledging or snow-making: with these looks, winter becomes a true (fashion) pleasure:

Classic & comfortable: winter sports outfits have long been true fashion statements that convey the individual style in the snow comfortably. For those who prefer classicism and who prefer comfort and functionality when skiing or snowboarding, the outfit is served with timeless colors and unruffled patterns. Basics in white, cream, gray or black are uncomplicated slopeside companions and can be wonderfully solved with colored accessories. Monochrome looks are also very popular this season and look tasty without being too conspicuous. If you keep your winter sport outfit in a certain color world, you can always add new accents with individual parts, such as knitted accessories or even the “underneath”, without having to exchange the entire equipment.

Sporty, sporty: Ski and boardergirls who want to rock the slopes not only at a fast pace and with daring tricks, but also with fashionable extravagance, will again be relying on winter sports styles with a striking pattern and in bright colors. The main thing is colorful: from the trashy 80s style to cool graphic patterns, photorealistic motifs and all-over prints, to retro patterns or a fresh mix of patterns that immediately catch the eye. If you like something simpler, you’ll be dressed in winter-style and only set the tone with a bright color. In addition to black, anthracite, gray or very recent earth tones, neon tones such as yellow, pink or turquoise are as harmonious as soft ice cream shades. Further hot trends for the slopes: spice and berry tones, metallic luster and color blocking.

Fancy in the snow: Even a winter sport outfit can look feminine, elegant and almost mundane!If you put on bright colors, cuddly knit sweaters in soft cream and pastel tones, jackets and vests with (art) fur trim and a touch of glitter, will soon become the “queen of the slopes”. Also for romantic horse-drawn carriage rides or gravel laps on the skating rink, feminine looks in winter white, cream and nudecolours are the perfect choice. They are supplemented by subtle patterns, soft knitwear (especially feminine, the combination of matched cap, scarf and gloves) and a touch of retro elegance. A muff or a large fur cap conjure immediately “Dr. Zhivago “romance and are perfect for the well-groomed après-ski. Glittering rhinestone or sequin applications are not just the hit on winter accessories, but also glitter on feminine ski fashion with the snow around the bet. Gold, silver and metallic luster, animal prints as well as classic Scandinavian or alpine patterns underline mundane winter sports outfits with the extraportion of refinement. Davos, St. Moritz, Ischgl, Sölden or Kitzbuehel: We are coming!

Our Tips For Comfortable And Fashionable Winter Sports Outfits

Even though the respective design gets more and more important, functionality and comfort for a perfect winter sports outfit still play the leading role. We will tell you what to look out for when composing the individual snooker and how to dress for the slopes most cleverly.

The principle of the layer look is indispensable for a winter sport outfit, as this ensures that the body remains warm, dry and mobile during activities in the snow.

The first layer is used for heat regulation. Functional or thermal counter-wash prevents cooling and transports moisture away from the body. Thus the body temperature remains constant and cooling is prevented even with long outdoors.

The second layer is intended to isolate, ie to keep driving wind and cold away from the body.Fleece or soft-shell jackets are the perfect choice because they shield the body’s warmth against the cold from the outside. Cool patterns and designs also make them fashionable pieces for winter sports enthusiasts.

The third and outermost layer provides protection from moisture and wind. Ski and snowboard jackets and trousers usually ensure that snow and cold can not harm us. In addition, the fibers have dirt and are easy to clean. The inner lining, on the other hand, is removable in many cases and can be washed.It serves as an additional cooling chamber and protects as an extra cushioning even in eventual falls. It is also important to wear a helmet, a pair of sunglasses that protect against the glare of the snow and the bright winter sun, as well as sun protection, because the skin is more sensitive to the cold and the sun is vulnerable.

We wish all winter sports fans a great, accident-free and fashionable season on the slopes!