Vodafone 360 H2: The Operator Will Continue Betting for Your Service, and LiMo

Vodafone 360 follow your way while has suffered more criticism than praise, and naturally does so with new terminals coming to the platform. Commissioned to manufacture them is again Samsung, and it is that precisely what had the Red operator system were phones, with specs well above the average.

The new terminal already is calling it is with the original name of Vodafone 360 H2, but is also known within the range of the Korean manufacturers such as Samsung i8330. A characteristic value is that it will be the third phone to have screen Super AMOLED (according to my experience, incomparable), after the Samsung Wave and Galaxy S.

Like his older brothers, Vodafone 360 H1 and M1, makes use of the operating system of the LiMo Foundation, based on Linux, and that it seemed that it was dead that I live, but a few days ago we learned that three operators aside from Vodafone would launch phones with it.

The rest of the technical specifications of the device are really good, without specifying the particular chipset (Qualcomm MSM6290?), inform us that it has with a 1 GHz processor (Cortex A8), a 8 megapixel camera capable of recording video in HD and connectivity Wi-Fi 802. 11n.

This Samsung H2 is expected to major Vodafone markets in June, and it is possible that Verizon is studying a version with support for CDMA Networks United States.