Video Surveillance For Boats

The video surveillance for boats, either type boats yachts, large boats or similar is seeing increased use with over the years. The fact that the teams are more compact, and that security cameras used in them have better grades of IP protection against water, salt, etc, make them suitable for installation and maintenance over time.

Noteworthy is that it is specific equipment for boats, with a few specific front vibration protection other than a conventional one. An element that is as sensitive as the hard disk video recorder, has in this case systems anti-vibration , as part of the internal electronics. That and as we mentioned earlier stricter conditions for protection against weather cameras are the only differences. For the rest we can instead enjoy all the technical advances that have conventional equipment, namely:

  • quality high definition (HD)
  • possibility of connection IP (wifi, 3G / 4G, satellite ))
  • multiple camera, alarm, audio, relay entries…
  • access from pc, mobile, tablet…
  • using all kinds of cameras: motorized, hidden, with infrared, with audio…

In short, that not by the fact of being located the system in a boat we must renounce any provision.

In terms of the ability to connect remotely to the own ship live camera images, there is no major problem. This can be done well by connecting wifi with the port or through the installation of a router 3 G / 4 G on board. It is clear that offshore coverage is lost but the system continues recording, being able to connect subsequently to recover such coverage, allowing to connect direct or see the recordings of the hour without coverage.

On the other hand, teams are managed with a consumption of moderate current, to affect as little as possible to the system of electrical and battery from the boat.

So there is no excuse for not having a video surveillance system for boats of all types, with the same features as a conventional one. Available live total control of your boat, and that the system will alert to mobile when someone approaches.

If you are interested, Securitypology will advise you with the suitable equipment.