Use Correct Furniture to Make Room Seem Larger

By: camillebrion

One of the tips is to opt for furniture that have more than one function for rent Studio or bedsit? There are different forms of writing, but what doesn’t change is the small space of this type of property. The shorter the length of the environments, the more careful you should be with renovations and decoration.

Build a wall to separate environments, for example, means losing space. For the architect Adriana Victorelli, the best option to split visually is using mobile environments, because your thickness will act as cabinet, bookcase or place to store objects.

Therefore, it is recommended to invest in furniture that has more than one function, saving space and winning in creativity. For the room, you can find on the market-functional beds, with several drawers and two servants and dumb, that can come and go easily from bed structure.

Tablado is trick to divide small environments

There is also the sofa beds and various furniture with original ideas. The founder of Ivydesign, a businesswoman and also designer Verena Lang, for example, created the Picture Table. The concept is simple: a table that turns into a decorative frame when the feet are collected.

“Integrated and multifunctional Environments help in the use of space. Also, replace any doors open for sliding doors and use mirrors to magnify and reflect environments giving the sense of breadth, “advises.

According to dictfurniture, colors can help frame environments, but the more tiresome should be avoided because it will probably be seen from all environments.

Use light colors on the walls. For small environments the bet in white is quite right. The color of light, facilitates entry extends the spaces, gives sensation of cleaning and fits any other color used in decoration.

“The woodwork is quite an ally for making the most of the spaces. Good lighting also makes the environment always airy and pleasant”, concludes the architect.

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