Union Glashütte Pilot Belisar Power Reserve

The brand Union Glashütte already has its origins in 1893 by the founding of the Dürr & comp-factory producing precision Pocket Watches Glashutte. The goal: The manufacture of watches in Glashütte quality but at cheaper prices. In 1933, the company was closed and 60 years later under the umbrella of Glashütte original revived. The premise to offer good value for money , remained unchanged-despite installation of specifically for Union Glashütte of developed calibre.

In the year 2000, the Swatch Group has slammed then and under its umbrella the brand Union Glashütte 2008 extensive new positioned. Leading it was and is the former motorcycle road racer and Union boss Adrian Bosshard. This was most recently a small controversy with a confident interview. So he said:

“Only the Swiss and Glashütte can sell high quality watches”

This statement – is somewhat questionable mildly – with views of Japanese manufacturers such as such as Seiko, providing superb quality with their Grand Seiko model.

Union Glashütte positioned after statements by Bamdad as follows:

We find ourselves in the upper price segment. We belong to the absolute premium brands, but not to the luxury segment. Our watches cost 1000 to 5000 Euro. That is a lot of money, we need to offer our customers precision, quality, beauty and durability. For them, it is the entry in the big world of Glashütter watch. Therefore, a lot of hand work inside the watches.

Union Glashütte now offered with a new limited edition of the well-known model of Belisarius a pilot’s watch in the partnership with the Vintage car rally Saxony of classic : the Union Glashütte Belisar pilot power reserve limited edition classic Saxony 2016…

The Union Glashütte Belisar pilot power reserve limited edition classic Saxony 2016

From 18 to 20 August 2016, the largest moving car Museum rolls again through the Saxon picture-book scenery: the Saxons of classic vintage car rally. The German watch brand Glashütte Union is for the seventh time as an official partner and is now a limited edition of the Union Glashütte Belisar before…

The 250 copies limited edition model Belisarius pilot power reserve Saxons of classic 2016 has a bright blue dial with red accents. Schön: the dial is not only plan and printed, but has applied numerals and indexes, as well as some more Details on board.

The two supplied leather bracelets (a riveted black pilot bracelet and a blue leather strap in Croc) can be changed quickly thanks to a Special Spring PIN system . Nice gimmick for the hardcore classic car fan: an also included silk handkerchief in blue can be combined with the clock.

The reference to the limitation and the sequence numbers, as well as the engraving “Saxony of classic 2016″can be found on the back of the housing. The finished automatic movement can be seen also through the sapphire glass. It’s an ETA 2897, which can often be found at watches in the middle and upper price range.

The Union Glashütte Belisar 2016 is pilot Saxony of classic – just in time for the Saxon classic rally-from end of July 2016 for an MSRP of € 2,550 in commercially available.

A relatively fair price, taking into account the limitation and the good “made in Germany”-quality. A manufactured movement, as this was original glassworks were produced by Glashütte Union, one must renounce but unfortunately. Bosshard in the interview:

No manufacture movements can be used to provide “made in glass works” from 1000 euro. There, you must work with industrially produced works which are personalized, refined and improved.

The manufacturer shows that also this statement by Bosshard something in addition is under attack, NOMOS Glashütte, which with its calibre Alpha as the model tangent equips. Cost: approx. € 1500.

What will deter some potential customers: the Saxons of Belisarius classic 2016 has a diameter of at least 45 mm. Worth a look in this article, to estimate whether it clearly comes with the size:

(Cheap) Alternatives to the Union Glashütte Belisar pilot power reserve limited edition classic Saxony 2016

There are pilot watches such as sand on the sea – if you so not necessarily has the reference to Saxon classic rally, you have some alternatives with a super value for money. These three pilot watches for example have scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal and a mechanical movement on board:

  • Hamilton Khaki aviation pilot 46 for approx. €700
  • Rock hard NAV 44 B-Uhr Handaufzug for €450
  • ARCHIMEDE pilot 45 H from €720

If it should be something in Blue , the views of these two models is recommended:

  • Breitling Colt 44 automatic for just over €2000-the entry level Breitling with very fine grey-blue dial.
  • Union Glashütte viro chronograph for almost €1800-‘Made in glass works’ from the same home as the Saxons classic 2016.

Check the detailed review just at watchtutorials.org.