Two Wonderful Plus Size Dresses

Beautiful! You know what it’s like to be hypnotized in front of a window? I was so looking for these dresses

How are you guys?

I was delighted when I found these two models of plus size dresses in the Windows of two shops in Sao Paulo. The pieces have wonderful prints, great trims and use materials that enhance the look and the body.

As I am a fat chick who likes to dress elegantly, have kept the two models on my dearest wardrobe. Spied on!

Plus Size Dress Three Seven

The above model is wonderful! Your print combines different styles of smoothly and is super in trends and the latest fashion, not only in the world of plus size fashion, but also in the world of fashion as a whole.

That’s what we want: part of fashionista calendar, have the same range of clothing options that any woman, of any size. We want plus size clothes that make us feel beautiful, safe and, when appropriate, sexy!

This plus size dress is made 100% in viscose, has a light, fresh and comfortable fabric, with a great fit. I loved it, felt great!

The play does not mark the chubbiness, but neither weapon. The template is not attached to any season of the year, which means that despite the Three Seven (love!) have released the play for the season spring/summer 2016, we can use it in any season. He has a neckline on the front and a delicate detail on sleeve discreet and elegant.

The dress looks great with a cintinho. With a nice bag, too. For those who don’t like to wear dresses shorter or higher (for me, with 1, 65 m, it was good!), a pair of leggings can help compose the look, with playing the role of dress shirt.

Now, the best tip: this chilly, this dress comes with a pantyhose more grossinho (a 40 wire type) and a boot over kenee, that up to the knee. Is right! But, in this case, use without the belt.

I also think you can wear this dress as output. But, how is fabric, we have to be more careful. I think it looks good on a poolside event, on a walk by the shore … Anyway, it’s a piece that closes very well with her bikini. As happened with me, sweetheart, your friends will want to know where you bought it (!

Plus Size Long Dress Massambani

Now I’m going to talk about the second dress that charmed me. Girls, look at that!

He is beautiful! The pattern has vibrant colors, an effect tye die super modern. The mesh is of quality, with great fit and comfort. This piece with a maxi paste gives a charming look. I particularly loved because you don’t need to spend. I love being practical! The price is right.

It’s not easy to find good options of clothing in larger sizes. I’ve been down the street and see that there are many shops that claim to be plus size, but their numbers are no more than 52. This will dress up the number 58 and wear without losing the trim. It’s a wonderful opportunity for my larger’s which are rarely well served.

To the fatties that has more hip model is perfect because he wears a good size. It is very important that we know our measures. Worth take a measuring tape and take them off. It helps a lot to buy safely.

Oh! And none of that history that short woman cannot use long models, huh! Put a Grasshopper with this dress, my love, and parade around.

I’m going to keep walking the sidewalks and hallways of the Mall of life, digging the Windows and trying to fall in love with any piece to bring to my wardrobe and for you!