Tule Skirt: Looks & Tips to Inspire

From 1832, when it had its first appearance in the costumes of ballet of the Romantic Era, the tulle skirts did not cease to exist.The first creased tulle skirt was worn in Paris in 1832 by the dancer Marie Taglioni at the La Sylphide Ballet. And since then, it’s part of fashion history.

Tule Skirt: Looks & Tips to Inspire

But the so-called ‘tulle’ fabric came much earlier. It was around 1700 in the French town Tulle that the fabric was created, hence the name tulle, or simply tulle.

For a long time the tulle skirts were underneath the women’s clothes, serving to give volume to the pieces. But over the years this article has come to life in other ways. Much has already seen the tulle skirts in looks of the alternative fashion, Gothic, ‘punk’, pop of the 90s, in the 2000s invaded the female rock fashion and so on…

But this romantic fabric is full of charm and is gaining more and more street style and in recent years with much more force, showing that it can be used in many different ways and styles. So if you’ve always liked the idea of ​​wearing a tulle skirt, you’ll love being inspired by these looks.

Here are tips from medicinelearners.com on how to wear skirt:

  1. The tulle skirts can be bulky or not, in the short, medium, midi or long size, with the thinner or thicker fabric, being smooth or with prints and even embroidery.
  2. Can be worn with T-shirts, button shirts, body, cropped, sweatshirt, etc.
  3. Investing in the accessories also gives a mega effect, bet on the belts, necklaces, scarves, hat, chains, metallic items and even in pantyhose.
  4. The game of textures also causes an incredible result, mix the tulle with leather, jeans, cambric, cotton, among other fabrics.
  5. Besides the textures, the prints also give a super cool effect to the tulle skirt. Bet on the stripes or T-shirts with designs to put on more urban looks, the animal print is super fashion, but if you want something more romantic, invest in the poem or floral print, that make perfect pair with the tulle.
  6. The tulle skirts can be worn with heels, sneakers and even sneakers, everything will depend on the occasion and the style you want to provoke.
  7. The tulle skirts comes in several color choices. The black and white are the most chosen, but the colors like pink and pastels are also very beautiful and produce a very cool effect.

Making this post I remembered a fact that happened to me around the 90’s, when I locked myself in the bedroom and got dressed to go out wearing a tulle skirt. I left the room feeling the most and my sister died laughing saying that I wanted to leave with skirt lining.Haha.. See? I already thought of fashion!!! laughs…