Trousers, Miniskirts, Shirts, Jackets or Vests

Jeans, Day and Night Wear: Trousers, Miniskirts, Shirts, Jackets or Vests. Amazing looks for you to wear this winter or other seasons. The jeans wears all models of bodies, sizes and tastes. Versatile, modern and one of the most preferred among thousands of people. Jeans become a key piece in any wardrobe. It is worth checking the looks to be inspired….

Trousers, Miniskirts, Shirts, Jackets Or Vests

As you can see in the picture above, jeans can be worn in several ways. Always fashionable and to wear day and night!!!!

Jeans are the main protagonist of this fall, invest in a beautiful jeans and short this season of the year super trendy.

The models follow from the widest to the fairest, from the shortest to the longest, you choose what to wear. Creativity and good taste count a lot when it comes to designing the look. See more tips and models of jeans…

How To Wear Jeans

See the options in miniskirts….A show!!! The denim skirt fits on any occasion, try wearing it!!!!

Looks deprived, democratic and super fashion.

Look How Much, For The Winter.

From the left, the full denim tailoring of Emilio Pucci and Tommy Hilfiger and the jeans set in Chloé’s boho mood.

You can check here in our Not1 blog just a tip of all the possibilities of jeans.So today’s tip is to invest in a piece of that kind and sweep up the look, both day and night.