Triton Makes Closing Parade Of Donna Fashion Iguatemi

Largest fashion event of Santa Catarina had talk with Martha Medeiros and fashion shows
The black dominated the collection that the Triton performed at the closing of the 22nd Edition of the Donna Fashion Iguatemi, on Thursday in Florianopolis.
The mark of the AMC Group textile, Itajaí, the same of Colcci, put on the catwalk looks as transparent dresses-the dark spirit set the tone of the presentation-revisited and jackets, sweatshirts. The men’s sandals.
Traveller accessories, main theme of the collection, such as backpacks, complemented a well performed by the brand. Another classic, jeans, emerged in different washes with clippings and assorted cuts.
In an atmosphere of the World Cup, Brooksfield, second marker on the night of Donna Fashion Iguatemi, ended your presentation with a Quartet of models dressed in the colors of the brazilian flag. The crowd was crazy.
On the runway, many costumes and suits in black and gray, two classic colours for the wardrobe of the contemporary man. Costumes for work, parties and travel.
In addition to the more sober colors, the brand also showed colorful wool sweaters? Pink, blue and green? combined with jeans and chino. To face the cold, scarves.

John John

The opening show of the third night of Donna Fashion Designer was John John Iguatemi. On the catwalk, a fashion young with very torn jeans and different washes to them and for them. The women’s line includes a touch more glamour with knitting, synthetic fur vest bright, shiny dresses and coats of animal print, men, Plaid Shirt, black total look with a more urban footprint and tennis with “man” is used. The collection refers to the cool spirit of the brand, you don’t lose your essence even in winter.
Lecture with columnist Martha Mann
The biggest fashion event of Santa Catarina began the third day with talk of columnist Martha Medeiros. She makes a chat about women’s issues and issues of today’s world.
Columnist Martha Medeiros told how does your creative process and as he began to write professionally:
? Be a writer was in the field of fantasy, like being a top model? says. ? I spend 80% of my time being Secretary of myself, the other 20% are writing.
Line up

Thursday-April 10

7:00 pm-Talkshow Martha Mann
8:00 pm-John John
8:45 pm-Brooksfield
9:30 pm-Triton