Tricks to Get a Permanent Manicure

Do you consider that your nail polish last longer? If you realize that always break or look like a strange folder after a few days, today we give you some tips on how to take care of your enamel so you can use it any longer. It is important that you choose a good Nail Polish and apply it correctly and avoiding excesses.

So that your nail polish last longer without flaking it is important to take into account a series of ideas when we are painting their nails. This way you can show beautiful nails for more days and won’t have to worry about returning to paint them in a short time according to

Tips for a permanent manicure

Take note of the 10 essential tips to make permanent today you propose manicure:

  1. 01. Choosing a good Nail Polish. It’s better to spend more money and have a better quality product. In fact, cosmetic shops you can ask to help you to make a good choice and buy a permanent enamel.
  2. 02. keep your nail polish in a cool place, out of direct light and away from sources of heat or cold, such as Windows or heaters. This way, you will achieve a better conservation.
  3. 03. Likewise, it is important to keep them standing always in vertical position. Never leave them listed or with your mouth open. It is also important that after using your nail polish, you clean the remains of enamel of the nozzle with a tissue.
  4. 04. The ideal is to let it dry naturally, but if you don’t have the patience for this, we recommend that you put your nails in a jet of cold air coming out of the dryer. Often, the manicurist doesn’t last long for not waiting long enough to dry your nails, after we painted.
  5. 05. If you prefer, you can use a product that is very effective and is called SolarSpeed Spray of CND, laying down and dries quickly enamel, while conditions the skin and the cuticle area.
  6. 06. When do the manicure at a nail salon can last longer because the layers that apply are very thin and the beautician will paint the side also and even part of the lower area of the free edge of the nail, so increases your duration. Therefore, if you make your manicure at home must take this into account.
  7. 07. When we make our manicure is important to use a good base, glazing in thin layers (it is better to apply three thin layers than two thick) and always cover with a top layer. All brands already have a wide range of bases and finishes, so that it will not be difficult to achieve.
  8. 08. It is important that before you start painting her nails, prepare them by sanding and wiping with a towel soaked in liquid cleaning gel and let air-dry. Then apply a thin layer of top coat and dry for 30 seconds inside a light bulb. Then apply a thin layer of glaze and let dry the lamp for one minute. Return to apply another layer of color and let it dry for over 60 seconds. After ready the glaze, we just have to protect it with a thin layer of top coat and allow to dry for 30 seconds on the bulb. Finally, remove moisture using the gel.
  9. 09. Paint your nails from the roots to the tips with vertical movements. We should not spend more than once for the same place and apply only the product required, avoiding the excesses and lumps.
  10. 10. You can use shine when you’re done painting your nails. Is a transparent glaze that will provide lighting for your hands and also protect the color nail polish on the nails.