Travel Pillow Case

When traveling by car, plane or train, you want to make sure that your path will be as comfortable as possible, is not it? Travel pillows are designed to be easy to carry and provide comfort even while we rest in tight spaces or unusual sleeping positions. This type of product also helps improve posture and contributes to a quality sleep during the trip.

Nothing like to travel with ease and comfort. When we spent many hours traveling, it is important to pay attention to our posture. travel pillows provide the perfect support for the head and neck, as well as assist in the alignment of the spine. The provides tips and information, and to clarify the differences between the various types of travel pillows for you to choose the ideal product for your needs.

Design Travel Pillow

The pad, while offering comfort, do not have the ideal characteristics for the maintenance of a correct posture during a trip. The pillow offers either the qualities of ideal formats for that use. Also, it is more difficult to carry, since it takes up more space in the luggage. Travel pillows are ideal for use on the go as they have designed design aspects precisely for this purpose and are a great investment for health and quality of life.

The travel pillow format is very important. It needs to be adequate to support the neck, align the head and spine , and keep the muscles relaxed during sleep while sitting. Check the characteristics of the main types of travel pillow and choose the ideal type for your case.

most common types of travel pillows

Pillow trip type U: Pillows trip type U are designed to be placed around the neck to wrap it. They are excellent to provide a correct posture while sitting.

Pillow trip type J: The pillow trip type J is a British invention designed by a flight attendant. The tail of the “J” on the pillow involves the neck much like the “U” type. However, this type of pillow also provides support for the chin, cushioning to the side and the back of the head .

Pillow cylindrical trip: The way cylinder of this type of travel pillow allows it to be used to support the neck or back. They can also be used in other positions, such as sitting or lying down.

Collar travel pillow: The collar travel pillow is used around the neck. Usually there is a strap to attach the sides of the pillow collar. They are excellent to support the neck traveler in situations where he is sitting and can not lean to the side , as the seat of a plane.

Pillows Travel: This patented product resembles an elongated comma . The curved end of the pillow passes over the back of the seat and passes the rest of the pillow on the chest of the traveler. This allows the traveler torest your head and neck on the pillow.