Trash the Dress Shoot with Borrowed Wedding Dress

Trash the dress-a trash-the-dress shooting after the wedding is fun and creates lasting memories. Because the wedding dress in this adventure is usually strongly affected, the question remains: this also works if the wedding dress is only on loan?

Trash the dress shoot with borrowed wedding dress

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements at the wedding. But unfortunately, woman wearing the piece usually only once in life. The wedding dress for the most beautiful day in life not just in the closet disappears and gets forgotten, you can the trend “trash the dress” follow. Now offer many wedding photographers in this shoot of a special kind. The wedding dress is deliberately heavily soiled or even almost ruined. Does something similar with a borrowed dress?

Trash the dress the easy way

The trash-the-dress shooting the wedding dress is usually photographed in a most inappropriate setting. This can for example a mud pit, a Dunghill on a farm, a fast food restaurant or a pond. Also cake battles, oil splashes, climbing actions and other sporting activities in the great outdoors are possible. As long as the dress is neat battered.

But you can take also a step back. So the shooting fun and resulting great photos as a lasting memory, need you the dress not mandatory to pollute or destroy. With an unusual environment, witty accessories such as rubber boots or Pitchforks and an angled makeup the wedding dress has a whimsical, without taking damage. Speak with an experienced photographer – he can deliver sure lots of inspiration.

A wedding dress designed for trash the dress

No matter whether only borrowed your wedding dress and it may not destroy, or you may simply not want to ruin your wedding dress bought-in both cases there is an alternative: you can rent a special trash-the-dress dress at specific providers for little money. Her real wedding dress can be safely in the closet while you properly get the dress on the cleaning trash and taking no account of losses.