Toy with Cardboard Rolls for the Children’s Day

We brought in this post a cool idea to do a toy with cardboard rolls for the children’s day. You can also create this beautiful item with the walkthrough that you we present below. Short and do as well along with their children, stepchildren or students. This children’s day everything has to be super special!

It’s an idea that will let the children excited and happy to play with this super cute and colorful toy made with the art of recycling. Learn from the tutorial and get together with the kids on the hour to prepare!

Toy With Cardboard Rolls

1-you must first cut several crepe paper balls in several different colors. For this, use a custom circular cutter or cut with the help of a cast of your preference. The cover of a salt shaker or a glass small ones can serve as a template. Then cut in half all these crepe paper circles you cut.

2-now paste in layers, starting with the end until you reach the beginning, gluing the balls cut in half of superimposed.

3-Your roll should be like this in Figure 3. Pass your fingers so that the glue stick and paste your “scales” made of crepe paper.

4-cut a circle of plain white paper and drawing a little ball to be the your eye fish fun. After making the eyes is just paste into each side of the decorated roll.

5-now is the time to make several strips of crepe paper and paste inside the roll, being at the back, to make the tail of the fish.

6-glue several strips and wait to finish the drying your sustainable toy.

7-tie string on the barbecue or stick on stick that you got.

8-paste the string in the cardboard roll in the shape of a fish that you did!

9-no paste only one end and two ends of the string in to finalize the roll crafts.

It’s a beautiful idea to create at home or in school. A simple tip that can bring a good educational fun for children.

I hope you enjoyed and can do at home with the kids without difficulty. A fun idea and full of creativity to make this children’s day! Now it’s up to you. Gather the materials, get organized with the children and put your hands in the dough to make beautiful colored fish with the cardboard rolls too!