To Make a Call in Android Without Dialing Phone Number

I have friends who already barely used Android keyboard rather than for what is necessarily necessary. If you want to talk by WhatsApp use voice notes practices, and if you need to do a Google search pull virtual assistant not hesitate a second.

The great advantage of virtual assistants is its ability to listen to the user. We are agreed that in situations of environmental noise or people to our around eavesdropping can be complicated, but in other cases? There we can resort to the wizard and forget about writing or typing numbers.

Make calls by voice commands from OK Google

Features of listening to Google, the well-known OK Google, virtual assistant is assistance in calls. Therefore, if we want to call one of your contacts or simply dialing an unknown phone number simply go to OK Google for this make the call by us.

To open the virtual assistant of Android will only have to open the widget for listening or say “OK Google” out loud (or at least sufficiently high so that the terminal microphone can capture our voice sharply) that activates the voice Assistant.

Once the wizard is in mode listening only must tell the name of our contact or phone number to which we draw so that the wizard put hands to work and mark the requested number.

How to enable the active listening OK Google

If not we still have activated Google voice Assistant we can activate listening by following these steps:

Open the application from Google.

We deploy the side menu of the app and go to “Settings”.

We are going to “voice – > detection of OK Google”.

We activate the option “from any screen”. If we want to use the wizard, even though we have the locked screen also activate the tab “Unlock voice”.

OK Google feature works only from Android 5.0. If our version of Android is 4.4 or earlier we can enjoy the Google voice Assistant installing Nova Launcher app. Still have question? Feel free to leave your comment at!