Tissot Watches:Luxury For the Masses

If the watch is characterized by the superiority and perfection of their watches, on the other it is also a fact that your high value is an unavoidable obstacle. The Tissot watches seek to reverse precisely this reality, offering the best tradition in the art of creating quality watches at affordable prices. A concept that translates as “democratization of prices”, and that in itself is quite appealing.

The Tissot has over 150 years of experience, established in 1853 in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel, where it still remains today. The story your brand by innovation and expansion: the first model produced was soon a world premiere, (a pocket watch with two time zones), and with only 5 years of life has sold its products in the Russian Empire. Since then the Tissot watches continue to innovate on all fronts, and have passed the wrists of great personalities, such as Carmen Miranda, Nelson Mandela, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Today, Tissot is a world leader in the sector of traditional Swiss watches, and if you always wanted to have on the wrist a fruit of the Swiss supremacy in this art, this is by far the most economical way to achieve that dream.

We were talking about innovation, and in this regard there were some models of Tissot watches which were in fact surprising. Not because of the mechanism used, not due to complications, but before the material with which they were made. The Tissot never feared the paths never before travelled, and in 1971, at the height of the dawn of the electronic age, launched the Astrolon, the first plastic watch. But not here: in 1985 launched a watch with box in … granite! Still not surprised? Two years later arose a mother-of-Pearl watch, followed by a wooden model. Is it possible to innovate more.

After these authentic expeditions, the Tissot conceived at the turn of the Millennium, the T-Touchsystem: the first watch that allows access to various functions through touch in Sapphire Crystal. Much of the current collection of Tissot watches is based on this innovation, who came to the big screen by hand (or is it more accurate to say a pulse?) of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Currently, the Tissot comes still attached to various sports organisations of high feedback, such as Nascar, MotoGP and International ice hockey Federations, cycling and fencing, a proof of the high precision and reliability of his watches.

The offer of Tissot watches are distributed by seven collections, each with several dozen models and special editions themed with the sports sponsored by the brand. With rare exceptions, these watches have a purely sporting essence.

One of the major collections is T-Tactile, which incorporates the T-Touch technology referred to above. Each of the various models includes several functions, all of them accessible through touch, such as stopwatch, compass, altimeter, thermometer, calendar and alarm. In this collection we highlight the model Tissot Silen-T, that through the touch system, reports the hours silently through vibrations. An extremely useful function for times when it is not appropriate to refer to the clock, and particularly, for the blind.

The T-Trend collection is made especially thinking of the new fashion trends, and maybe that’s almost entirely female, with colorful bracelets and original formats.

With regard to the world of sport, we have the T-Sport, collection that includes several highly sporting models Chronograph, and among which stands out the Tissot T-Race, the toast of competitive aspect of the brand.

In a more classical dimension, the Tissot created the T-Classic collections (which appears to be a transition between the traditionally classical and sporty sense that marks the previous collections), Heritage (purely classical) and T-Gold, with models whose boxes are wholly or partially in gold.

Interestingly, the Tissot factory still pocket watches, with a wide range that goes from the recreation of the traditional clock, new and interesting approaches to this typology. A must for fans of this genre.

According to rrrjewelry.com, the price is one of the great advantages of Tissot watches. Even the most advanced models are unlikely to exceed the €1250 | R$3170, with the average a little under €500 | R$1250. From only €135 | R$340 can have on the wrist and a half century in the best tradition of Switzerland!