Tissot T Touch Smart Watch

Swiss watchmaker Tissot is especially known for watches, which are equipped with an exclusive design and a traditional technique. With the Smart Touch the high-quality design remains true, inside hand-art components are reflected. All the important information about the new digital watch by Tissot are experienced in this post.

The design of the Tissot SmartTouch

A modern and future-oriented design is expected from a watch always. Tissot takes a different path and equips the smart touch of a classic design. So the housing and the controls based on the model Tissot T-Touch, only inside other components are used.

With a classic dial with hour and minute hands, a solar cell can be found in the lower half again. This is responsible for supplying the clock with power. Thus Annoying Laden, like many other modern clocks eliminates the model of Tissot.
In the solar cell, a digital display was of Tissot also integrated. This is also known from the T-Touch series, here the alarm clock can be placed or the stopwatch display.

The operation of the watch Swatch

In most cases, a touch screen is installed at a smart watch. Again Tissot uses a different technique.So comes the model SmartTouch a pane of glass at the top are used which can detect pressures.Enables the user to access different functions by pressing the glass, either the Set an alarm or calling the calendar function.
In order to access the basic functions of a watch, also can also be found at the Tissot SmartTouch a crown and two physical keys again. This time can be stopped or the time can be set accurately.

The connectivity of the Smart Touch by Tissot

A smart clock is connected in most cases with a smartphone, so that the full range of functions available. This feature is also for LED touchscreen watch in the Tissot SmartTouch, here manages the connection via Bluetooth. The compatibility is given both for the Android operating system and iOS, so the user has maximum flexibility.

The functionality of the watch Swatch

The functions of a smart watch is the real USP of practical trinkets. As so often is the user even with the Smart Touch by Tissot the full range of functions only available when the clock is connected to a smartphone. Once this is done, so is convincing touch especially the navigation with the Smart. This requires that the smartphone using an app the desired destination are specified, so that a suitable route can be calculated. Once GPS reception has been made on the smartphone, the navigation is displayed on the smart watch by Tissot. This feature can indeed be used in traffic, Tissot this feature, however, was created especially for hikers and cyclists.

Another practical highlight the Smart Touch from Tissot is the Smart-Touch Find It. Lets items be retrieved quickly and easily. So a kind of trailer is supplied by Tissot, which can be attached to a wide variety of objects. If the element is approximately connected to a keychain, so the recovery takes place particularly easily. Should be forgotten where to find the key, then push a key on the Smart Touch by Tissot. The smart watch navigates to support skillfully to laid keyring so that it can be found quickly.


A smart watch, which is the dream of many. Most prospective frightened but prior to the unsightly design of models. With the Smart Touch by Tissot there is now a high-quality alternative to the market, the watch comes with a classic design therefore. The range of functions, although relatively small, it can convince the jewel for the wrist with a long battery life and a practical navigation function.