Tips to Take Care of Acrylic Nails

Like having long fingernails, thick and strong when these don’t grow at all, because they are too weak or too short? Many women resort to acrylic nails, fake calls too. Another advantage offered by this type of nail is that they can easily be decorated.

However, if we choose to use acrylic nails, this is getting us rid the responsibility of having to maintain due care with them, and not only that, you also have to try to keep this watch constantly, because carelessness may result in rupture of your natural nails, fungus or appear in them.

So, keep your acrylic nails in good condition, and at the same time protect the health of the real. Be sure to follow these tips:

The acrylic nails are not can openers or knives

Sometimes these clutches seem to be indestructible, but are not designed for tasks such as opening or drilling thick plastic packaging. Use the right tool for the right job.

Always keep dry

Water is the worst enemy of a nail chip. Not only can make you take off but also give rise to fungi and bacteria that need water to grow.

So to prevent this it is important to keep them dry if possible, and that means dry your hands with a towel every time they are wet to prevent water inside under the fingernails thus helping to maintain in good condition.

Use antibacterial soap

Many sets of acrylic nails are victims of bacteria, and these can cause discoloration and deterioration of the natural nail, and it can take a long period of time or even permanently. Therefore, it is very important to do everything possible to prevent the nails stay free of bacteria.

Do the housework wearing gloves

If you use nails, a good idea is to use rubber gloves when doing household chores, like washing the dishes or cleaning in General.

The gloves not only help keep nails dry, but also protect them from break, chip or get caught on things, because it can be painful and embarrassing. Keep at least two pairs of rubber gloves somewhere in the House, so that you remember to put them before you start any work.

Before bed, clean your nails with alcohol

Every night before bed use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and clean the nails back and underneath. This will help to remove dirt and bacteria around them.

Despite passing the alcohol is helpful, it can damage your nails by blotting them. But if it does, don’t worry all you need to do is just apply morning a layer of transparent nail enamel.

Don’t get them alone

You can remove acrylic nails at home, putting his fingertips in a bowl with Remover that contains acetone. However, it is not the best thing to do. Avoid the risk of damaging your natural nails leaving beauty professionals make your job.

If damaged, repair them immediately

If you find that one of your acrylic nails began to raise natural nails, or be broken by any accident, browse your manicurist as soon as possible.

Raised nails or broken facilitate the entry of water inside, promoting the growth of fungi and bacteria. Many of these salons offer these free repairs to damaged within nails when they are placed for the first time.