Tips for Wearing Hair Jewelry

Put jewelry in her hair, just like adorn themselves with a necklace or earrings, is an asset of charm for women. Hair jewelry is of type accessories barrette, headband, clip, gold or silver, and decorated with pearls, Rhinestones, crystals, feathers, leather and other delicate materials. They slip into your hair to highlight it. This sumptuous little detail makes the difference ensuring you a style marked by elegance and refinement. Whatever the occasion, the headband is invited on all heads.

What occasions wear a headband?

The jewelery hair long were reserved for big events such as weddings and other ceremonies to enhance a hairstyle and sublimate. In recent years, the creators of these ornaments have diversified the ornaments and materials in order to offer to all the possibility of inserting jewels in their hair on a more daily basis. They are now a real fashion accessory that the stars of the small and the big screen love display pictures, festivals and other events people sessions. Women find the opportunity to affirm a style, a personality, add a delicious detail revealing their beauty.

For a wedding, the headband to wear must be of great finesse, recalling the details of the wedding dress in general. The beads on a tiara or headband and white are often used to embellish the wedding hairstyle. One can also find spikes to bun embellished with crystals and flowers in tulle, or even bars that illuminate the hair with Rhinestones reflecting light or white feathers to add a bit of originality.

For other major ceremonies, we can stay in the extreme refinement with pliers with very worked gilding: flowers, leaves, hearts… and jewelery of head resting gently on the top of the head. They are usually made of chains of very fine, as a necklace with stones or precious metal either colorful or translucent glass. It is good to give this kind of jewelry in eningbo with the tone of your clothes.

In the evening, the brightness is marketing to be sure to stand out and magnify your cocktail dress. The sparse headband brilliant or colorful stones, a barrette to clips worked on set with butterfly shaped with Rhinestones and hematites put light in your hair and illuminate your complexion.

During the day, we prefer jewelry more discreet hair, casual, neutral colors, or girly. The elastics in jewelry and the pliers in complex forms are functional and correspond to the lifestyle of working women. They decorate the hair to perfectly match the clothes or, conversely, helps to play on the appearance by highlighting an offbeat look. It depends on the style you want to adopt on a daily basis.

I wanted to thank PiqueetPince for letting me use some pictures of jewelry of hair coming from the online store.

Her hair with a headband

In terms of hairstyles with a headband, if you have long hair, you will have the choice. But don’t worry if you have short hair, you will not be outdone, these sumptuous hair accessories will reveal all your femininity with simplicity.

The watchword when there is hair with a headband, and regardless of your hair length and texture, is to prefer a natural, or even air, hairstyle in order to highlight the beauty of the accessory and your appearance.

A fresh and elegant hairstyle with a jewel headband

The headband metal embellished with gold, stones or feathers is a headband very trend that gives a chic and romantic look. On smooth or wavy loose long hair, it just put it either at the level of the front, a bit reversed back to dress up your hair in a snap. You can then form a bun with hairpins or a braid loose on the side leaving a few strands for a lovely Bohemian style.

A stylized Golden headband filed around a Crown Princess way Braid is an original hairstyle for special occasions.

On short hair, the headband is the jewel of hair ultra trend, because very feminine. It emphasizes a deconstructed short cut, illuminates and softens the face.

Her hair with a headband and a jewel headband

The headband and the headband are timeless hair accessories, which, with prestigious materials, give a very glamorous and sophisticated touch to your hairstyle. These are simple hair jewelry and quick to set up, very useful to keep long or short hair back or, conversely, put forward a few strands to lengthen a round face, for example.

Combs, pics, barrettes, elastic dress and keep the hairstyle

Star-shaped peaks or dotted with pearls to sting in high buns, like blurred buns, or all the way around the head. Combs them decorated with Rhinestones and crystals like to adorn the birth of a braid, magnify a braided bun or hold a lock on short hair. Large glittering strips sublimely easy wavy hair, thin strips to rhinestones give relief to short hair. A ponytail elastics embellished forms delicate and refined metal are a true work of art.

The headband, a sophisticated Cap

The tiara makes you Queen on your wedding day or allows you to be very noticeable during a posh party. It is the jewel of head of the ceremonies. Today, we see bloom another jewel of head that looks like him, made of flexible chains, seamed more or less precious metal or stones. This distinguished accessory inspired many creators of jewelry. It gives East to your hairstyle when it consists of copper metal, or very original when it is silver decorated with translucent crystals or raw gems.

Beads, feathers, or rhinestone hair extensions

The jewellery hair extensions are often used to structure a hairstyle and embellish it in a very natural way. These synthetic lashes dotted with Rhinestones, pearls or colors mix with long hair and loose to make the bright and light. When they are tied in a ponytail, for example, this type of hair jewelry brings a new outfit to your hair and puts relief by accentuating the reflections of the hairstyle.

On short hair, braided extensions, are particular, surrounded around the head to form a Crown of beauty.

Wearing a jewel of hair is especially imposing your personality, your style by adopting a singular fashion accessory which is an asset of seduction that highlights your extreme femininity.