Tips For Using Social Vest Without Jacket, To Inspire!

By: camillebrion

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? Bora of Tips for this Friday? Bora Coriander! For a while I’ve been getting some questions in comments and emails from you readers about male vest, How to use without Jacket, pro day to day, so I decided to put this content today here. Bora pro post take a look and be inspired? 


Use full suit (Pants, vest and Jacket) during warmer weather can often make you pass a big heat, right?Yes! So why not invest in using the Vest without Jacket for more formal events or occasions? Or even mount looks more casual, day by day, with the famous Social Vest, aligned in visual, a more formal touch or to add a good detail, playing with layers, etc.

Yes, the male vest can be a great ally to have as an option in our closets, for various occasions, events and I think, despite being a traditional piece, use without jacket can give a current pro touch look, after all this mix of Tailoring in the casual look okay in high, can turn a basic production in a “produça” harmonious and very versatile.

I separated some basic tips to wear Vest without Jacket team, see:

Replace a jacket as well: The Social Vest can replace both the Jacket, in a more formal look, like a jacket, in a more quiet, excellent choice for warmer weather, events, etc;

Align your silhouette: It’s a great piece to align our silhouette, leaving it more tidy, more “fit”. It’s nice to have attention with modeling, he needs to be comfortable, you can’t pull back, be too tight, but cannot be dropped, largo, with excess tissue left, that leaves a sloppy visual pro air.

Buttoned and Unbuttoned: The basic tip is if the vest is used in a more formal look, with shirt and everything else, is shown using it buttoned, but always with the last button unbuttoned down, okay? Not to be uncomfortable when us moving our arms or our body.

Ideal Length: Be careful you don’t get Shirt appearing underneath the vest, between empapuçada whole there pants in this region, that gives an air of neglect too. Ideally, the vest cover the waist, OK?

Waistcoat with Tie: If you are wearing a tie, she goes inside the vest.

Belt or Strap: Even in more formal, if you feel that the visual is heavy, well not wearing a belt if you are wearing a vest. A Strap used on the inside of the piece may be a good thing, too, to hold the pants haha and if you need to remove the vest for some reason, it comes as a surprise.

Pro day to day: if you will be using in a look with T-shirt, something more pro day to day, mount a production very quiet and want to include the vest, you can invest in the play opened, shorter, running as an accessory, the visual complement, putting creativity to work haha

Anyway, let’s be inspired in the photos? Separated several tips and Looks with No Jacket Vest, GO!

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