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BEAUTIFUL … beautiful … beautiful … spectacular!

We start today’s post by making a special mega invitation to all of you who accompany us, readers of various corners of Brazil:Come to meet MATO GROSSO do Sul and be amazed at the natural beauties of our state!!! Who follows us in social networks (Instagram and Facebook) saw that we have recently been in Bonito (MS) enjoying some short days off at the invitation of the POUSADA Waters de Bonito. Actually it was just a weekend, but enough to get back to the house even more passionate about this magical place! Impossible to talk about tourism in MS without quoting beautiful, considered the capital of ecotourism in Brazil. And as next week (31/07 to 04/08) The city will be stage of the 14th edition of the Winter Festival – event that binds culture, leisure, concerts, attracting tourists from various Brazilian states and also abroad – why not take advantage of the period to meet some tourist attractions of the Region? Did you know that even in winter it is totally possible to make several walks in beautiful? Stay tuned to our hunches!Who gets the Beautiful have to agree on one thing: cute is little to define UN’s world the many wonders created by nature in the region. This shy inner city of Mato Grosso do Sul surprises with their crystal-clear rivers teeming with fish, its caves and waterfalls, which attract tourists from around the world. Places like the caves of the Blue Lake and Martinez, the Natural Aquarium, the rivers Sucuri, Fish, Beautiful and silver, fill with those seeking peace and tranquility provide unforgettable emotions to anyone who is in search of adventures. Many of the beauties of Bonito are in your underground. Are numerous caves with deep lakes of crystal clear waters, where experienced divers risk to “clear” this unknown world. The city is the perfect place for those who practice eco-tourism: Natural Aquarium and Trail of animals; Mouth of the Jaguar; Hole of the Macaws; Cachoeira do Rio do Peixe; Ride the river Sucuri, in the Rio de la Plata, among others and adventure tourism, such as diving in the Rio de la Plata, Rio Formoso; Rappelling; Bushwalk and Buoy-Cross.

As we had a few days to enjoy the rides and they require a good deal of time, we chose for this post only three must-see destinations that can be carried out now during the winter. Note the tours we’ve done under the guidance of the Agency WATERS TOURISM!!!


Considered the Beautiful postcard, the Gruta do Lago Azul is a contemplative and historic ride. Discovered in 1924, recognized as a Natural Monument and protected by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN) in 1978, the Gruta do Lago Azul has a lake with dimensions that make it one of the world’s largest flooded cavities. To reach the crystal clear blue waters, walks you through a brief trail of approximately 300 metres to the entrance of the cave, where you can get an idea of your beauty. Then, down a couple hundred yards by a staircase carved in the Earth (+-300 steps), one can see a lake that delights by the waters of intensely bluish tone and beautiful speleothems of thousands of years. It is believed that its waters come from a water table that passes through limestone rocks which act as filter to provide the transparency that is characteristic. The receptive offers bar and restaurant, and souvenir shop. In addition, all the equipment required for the accomplishment of the tour are included in the value of the ticket.

NOTE:compulsory use of tennis. Not recommended for people who have some difficulty in mobility, pregnant women and persons with labyrinthitis. Kids just above 5 full years. This tour lasts 1:30!!!


Situated in the town of Jardim (MS), approximately 50 km from Beautiful, MYSTERIOUS LAGOON lies in the attractive Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata.

The blue water lagoon impresses by your incredible transparency and depth. The Mysterious Pond is at the bottom of a sinkhole of 75 meters of depth, type of geological formation characteristic of karst areas which is similar to a hole. Lasting around 1:40, the tour begins with a short interpretive trail, which leads to the lookout where you can see her in the middle of the Woods. An opportunity to observe the rich diversity of fauna and flora of the region.

Access to that pond of blue waters is done via a staircase with 180 steps.

The Mysterious Lagoon impresses due to your transparency and awakens interest in not knowing for sure the your maximum depth. Is considered the deepest cavity of Brazil, with more than 220 metres of the water column.

The Mysterious Lagoon offers the following activities:

Fluctuation- Upon arriving on deck access to the pond, the visitor receives the safety equipment that will be used for buoyancy: mask, snorkel and lifejacket. For those who decide not to float, you can admire the lagoon and wonder with the blue of its waters.

Diving cylinder- Lasting 30 to 40 minutes, it is possible to practice three categories of dip in the Mysterious Lagoon, the baptism dive (maximum depth reached: 8 meters); As basic (maximum depth reached: 18 meters); As advanced (maximum depth reached:25 metres).

The tours are all accompanied by a professional accredited and specialized diving!

The water temperature varies between 24 and 25 degrees and dives are allowed only from early April to early September. In other words, is a typical winter ride!

The fluctuation is indescribable:the vision of the two blue chasms that form the bottom of the lagoon is impressive. The vertical Rocky walls, fallen logs, white sand deposits, the antlers with golden leaves, the small fish that shine with the light beams, turn the Mysterious Pond in a unique environment. The 8-meter-deep open two wells, with about of 10 meters in diameter, descending vertically for more than 240 meters deep. The feeling that one has to float in waters so transparent about a pit is to be flying, as if you were out in the air.

After floating in the Mysterious Lagoon, we finish the tour with a delicious lunch at Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata. …


The Hole of the Parrots stay in Garden/MS (+-50 km from Nice) and is a huge crater of sandstone located in the Middle South of mato Grosso, where it inhabits a wide variety of birds, especially Red macaws, hence the name of the attraction. The ride is a good option, either before or after for the Río de la Plata or ride when you’re arriving or departing from Nice.

The story of the hole of the Macaws

The story of the Hole of the Macaws is basted to the history of your Modest Sampaio, a calm voice and Mister blue eyes shy, who turned that apparent “headache” in one of the most visited tourist spots in the region. The first record that surrounds the hole date of 1912, when the formation was sighted by a group who worked with cattle. They always saw macaws flying near a Capon, when they discovered that there was indeed a huge hole where the parrots lived, made their nests and gathered. Places of contemplation to the open-air Cemetery (where were thrown dead animals and some report that even people!); of landscape that fills the eyes to the landfill; address of the macaws to a hole whose name went on to not have more sense due to predation of people who arrived on the scene to shoot on the rocks and in birds (which they forsake the refuge) … anyway … the Hole of Macaws has been through many stages until reaching what is now:a place of environmental preservation, care by Mr. Modest and your family!

The friendly Mister acquired Costa Rica Farm in 1980 and over the years decided to turn the place into a wonderful tourist attraction. He let out a couple of parrots in the hole and waited for them to bring the others. To make the place suitable to house the birds and other animals, through partnerships, the place has been revitalized. All the garbage accumulated during years in the formation was removed, seedlings of native plants have been planted around and today the site is not only the address of the Red macaws, as well as other animals that live there. The beauty of the place attracted not only curiosity of the locals but also tourists, ecstatically, if they see little ones on the grandeur of the place.

In the back of the ride we had the immense pleasure of finding Mr. Modesto in receptive of the farm. It was a very special moment, since after hearing all about the history of the site we’ve become fans of this man who is largely responsible for the wonder that the Hole of the Macaws is today!

And ae staff, enjoyed our Beautiful tours tips?

Stay tuned because we’re already preparing other posts, with more suggestions for those with travel to this paradise!!!